Transplants from my short-lived 2008 "Narenta Tales" blog, and a few 2014 comments

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Narenta's Tourist Handbook -- entry 1

Narenta, created by Alphesis, exists in an alternate universe. It has 3 sentient races, each with a unique culture. Narentan magic has two forms, i.e. enchantment is magic performed with the cooperation of Alphesis while sorcery is the reverse. In times of crisis, Outworlders may be transported to Narenta to provide aid via special talents or powers.
I serve as guide to the last tales: Seabird, Earthbow, Marooned, etc. Welcome!
                                                                                                                 --Sherry Thompson, Tale-Bearer

Greeting! -- entry 2  (March 2008)

Narentan Tales will be a repository of extracts from "Seabird" which is currently available via Amazon, Barnes & Noble & by special order. Just to confuse everyone, I'll slip in the occasional extract from "Earthbow" in the hopes you'll comment on how terrible it is so far. "Earthbow" is the sequel to "Seabird" and it's the manuscript that I'm currently revising.
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Since I won't be able to resist it, please resign yourself to seeing odds & ends re writing the books, my individual characters, what it was like hunting for a publisher and all that "good stuff" (good, once it's over).

Narenta Tales, Entry 3   Earthbow’s original Chapter 1 as it appeared in 2008.

"Earthbow Chapter 1 (work in progress)     WARNING: Due to violence, content may not be suitable for all readers."           The link is below.

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