Khiva's Mommy Unblog

That would be Khiva---pronounced with a long I---the kitten. 


Subject: "curiouser & curiouser", like the Cheshire kitten
Date: 2/12/2006 6:05:05 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: SherrytT 

To: Kathy  (Khiva's breeder)

 Did I send you a copy of this a while back? (See below for why I'm asking.)

The St.Theresa Prayer                                                            Kathy had to take Khiva's baby picture with a telephoto lens!

          REMEMBER to make a wish before you read the poem. That's all
           you have to do. Prayer is one of the best free
           gifts we receive. There is no cost but a lot of reward.

           May today there be peace within.
           May you trust your highest power that you are exactly where
           you are meant to be....
           May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born
           of  faith.
           May you use those gifts that you have received, and pass on
           the love that has been given to you....
           May you be content knowing you are a child of God....
           Let this presence settle into our bones, and allow your soul
           the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love.  It is there
           for each and every one of you....


Hi again. I'm inclined to think that I didn't send this to you, but I did send it out to several people. I have no problem with people sending me inspirational stuff, but I'm extremely dubious when told that I have to send it on or my "wish" won't come true, etc. I'm not one for magical thinking. Sincere humble prayer isn't "magic" -- it's having a chat with the One who made us. And it works.
This is about to get weird.
I had just gotten off the phone after a long conversation with that kitten dealer, convincing her that, no, I really couldn't travel halfway across Pennsylvania to pick up her oriental shorthair kitten. I turned to the computer -- wondering what my next move should be -- and found that someone had sent me this Theresa prayer email.  I dutifully read it (liked the prayer!), made the inevitable w/i/s/h prayer for a Siamese kitten who would help fill the hole in my heart left by my dear Squeaky. I forwarded the email to a few people, for the sake of the prayer.
Insert Twilight Zone music.
After hitting send, I noted that I had received another new email, which I opened.
It was from a lady at the Diamond State Cat Club.  I had written to them twice and had never received an answer until then. Essentially, she suggested two places that I might try for an oriental shorthair kitten. One was in Elkton Maryland. 
I emailed the lady, Kathy, at once and she wrote back that she had a very skittish and shy 4 month old Siamese and she was looking for a quiet home and patient owner for her. I wrote her back, etc etc.
Jumping ahead to near the end of the story, L...  drove me down to pick up "Khiva" on Friday. Since then she (Khiva, not L... ) has spent most of her time hiding from me, but we've made some progress in our relationship. (I'll post more about that later.)
Interesting chain of events, no? 






 Date     2006/02/11 Sat PM 11:48:21 EST

Subject     Khiva (the kitten) update

Hi all!

This is like yowsa(!) long. I wrote all of this down and sent it as multiple emails originally to Kathy -- who is the person from whom I got Khiva yesterday. I knew she would want to know all of the details. You probably could do without most of this, but it was easier for me to cut and paste than to write a summary. (No author likes to write summaries, after all.)

The first part of the story goes like this. I was informed by someone at the Diamond State Cat Club of an Elkton lady with a a very skittish and shy Siamese.
The kitten is 4 months old. When Kathy touched her the first time, she said that she stiffened and yowled. She's in perfect physical health but there's something else from her past that I'll never know.

L...  took me down to get her yesterday. I sat on the floor beside Kathy for two hours, trying to entice "Khiva" to come to me (she came only once) - while Kathy subtly grilled me about cat care, etc. At last she allowed as to how I could take her home. (That's Khiva, not Kathy.)

The rest is cut and pasted from my emails to Kathy.


Subject: contact -- after a fashion
Date: 2/10/2006 11:00:30 PM
Hi, Kathy!

I'm sorry it's taken me so long to write. I guess I was waiting for "developments" of some kind to report to you.

On the way home, Khiva let out out a couple of yowls at first, then settled into looking through the carrier at the right hand back door - the one through which I had put her when situating the carrier. I think she was hoping it would open and her old home would magically appear.  I turned and watched her as often as I could, and she glanced toward me a few times. In the course of the trip, she kicked up the towel I'd put in the bottom of the carrier. I think maybe she was considering hiding under it.

When we got here, I took up everything else first, then moved the food and water dishes from the kitchen into the powder room (where the litter box already was). I left the apt door unlocked, then I went down and brought her up.

I carried her to the door of the powder room and put down the carrier and opened the door. I assumed, wrongly, that she would leave the carrier on her own. After almost  a half hour of standing and waiting, I gave up and reached in and scooped her out as gently as I could. I withdrew the carrier, and closed the  door - leaving it just cracked so I could see what she would do.  Crouching all low, she slunk around a bit, popped her head into the trash basket, and finally settled on behind the toilet as the perfect hiding spot.

I left the door barely cracked open, and went about my business. Once in a while I'd peek in but there was no change.  After a couple of hours, I carried a book and cushion into the powder room and sat in the doorway, reading. She watched me, first from one side of the toilet then from the other.  I wiggled the furry teaser occasionally but otherwise didn't act like I knew she was there.

When my back got hurting too much, I retreated to the living room (adjacent to powder room) and settled on the easy chair. I had left the door ajar this time. Time passed, and I got caught up reading. Suddenly I realized I had seen movement on my left. She was at my (closed) bedroom door, sniffing. I must have made some little noise, because she looked over her shoulder, caught me looking at her and crept behind the far side of the commode table (Adjacent to my chair and also to the "cat chair". They're at right-angles to each other.) I went back to the book but kept peeking up. 

Khiva explored the whole side of the living room closest to the powder room, staying "undercover" as much as possible. I "ignored" her. She came around the bottom of the "cat chair" and studied me for quite a while. I thought she was going to come toward me, but she disappeared.

A little while later, I heard moos  (Yes, moos, not mews. She sounded like a very tiny cow.) I answered with moos, and we carried on a conversation for a while.

She sounded so sad, that I finally got down on hands and knees and looked for her. She was under the cat chair. I crept over close to the entertainment unit and lay on my side like a nursing mommy cat. Nothing happened for a l-oo-oong time. Then a little face appeared. I held my breath. She came over, still slinking on her belly. I touched her and she scurried into the powder room and behind the toilet.

So endeth the adventure for the moment. Well, except for the creeping back to under the cat chair. But then I didn't see that. (clearing of throat)

I'll report again tomorrow night.

By the way, the cat book series I mentioned is written by Shirley Rousseau Murphy and "stars "Joe Grey as the feline detective.

Thanks cat-purring bunches for letting me bring Khiva home today. Best  with the snow storm and Jersey.



Saturday, February 11, 2006 10:37:40 PM

Journal entries from SherryT & from Khiva

Let's see. Picking up where I left off earlier.  

In cat universe thought, I guess I messed up last night when I acknowledged that Khiva was under the cat chair. As soon as she realized this, Khiva decided that the cat chair was not a "safe house" after all and that another one would have to be found.  I realize now that behind the powder room toilet had already ceased to be a safe house. I was unaware of this last night, though I should have realized. Khiva had dragged the furry cat-teaser into the spot behind the toilet earlier in the day, but then it had disappeared. It evidently gets moved the to the new safe house as soon as one has been identified.

I left her with a little dish of lamb babyfood and yogurt (as well as the dry catfood and water, of course), worked on the computer briefly and then went to bed.

I woke up just before dawn and heard little "mews". They were coming from somewhere in the living room. I peeked around the room trying to follow the sounds. It can be hard to spot a cat in the living room with all of the bookcases and all of the spaces behind the bookcases, to say nothing of good hiding spots under furniture etc.

At last I looked behind my easy chair. The back of the easy chair doesn't rest against a wall. It sits out about a foot or two from a wall of bookcases. (One of the walls of bookcases.) Anyway, I peeked behind the easy chair and saw the furry cat-teaser. Khiva had given herself away - the newest hidey-hole must be close by. I figured it was behind the bottom row of books. They're small and sit lined up at the front edge of their shelf, so there's quite a bit of space behind them.  I stood still for a while until I heard another mew, confirming my hunch. Then I got a glass of water, settled in the easy chair with my eyes closed, and answered most of the mews with soothing tones - except when I dropped off to sleep periodically. When the sounds stopped, I fixed a tiny bit more lamb  & yogurt, checked the water and the litter box and went back to bed.

When I got up officially, the dish was half-empty. The cat teaser was still in the same place. I continued to pretend I didn't see it or know where Khiva was.

After a quick run for the obligatory milk and bread before a snowstorm, I came back to find the dish empty and the litter box showing definite signs of use. Unfortunately, I'd gotten my back started up so I took meds and laid down for a while. Then I took up my post in the living room with my book. After a few minutes or so, the mews came back. I picked up answering where we had left off and we carried on a sporadic conversation for at least two hours (me rereading paragraphs because I always talk "human talk" to cats and consequently keep losing my place.)

After a while, I realized the sounds were closer.  I peeked out of the corner of my eyes, and spotted something light-colored peeking back at me from under the big umbrella plant. She looked just like one of her wild cousins hiding in tall savannah grasses. The conversation continued briefly. When she stopped I looked back down at the plant but she was gone.  The next thing I knew Khiva was peeking at me from the far end of the sofa. Assured that I was not currently in a position to eat her, she made a mad dash for the powder room and the facilities.  A few minutes later, I saw her peeking from around one of the legs of the cat chair. A second later, she made a mad dash back in the other direction. I am very proud of the fact that I didn't burst out laughing. On the other hand, I felt like the Gestapo.

KHIVA: "Since then, I have been checking for safety and running about - all very successfully without the human even knowing what I'm doing. Hmm. It must be a dumb human. Hasn't found the new hidey-hole. Never sees me. Makes nice enough sounds. Makes good special food. Sigh. What a shame it eats cats. But at least no trying to pick me up or (gasp!) hold me today. What a relief! I've had a chance to explore most of the big room, and have found several safe paths to the litter and the food. Things may be looking up. (Sigh.... I'd still rather be home with my nice human and my family! Momma warned me I would be kidnapped some day. And Daddy said he had actually seen it happen! And I thought it was just a furrytale.)"



"I see you 

out   there!"


^^ much ^^ more ^^  to ^^ come ^^