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The Scroll Chamber - for those who love God,
The mythic tales of the Inklings, books, fiction-writing,
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chocolate & caffeine, dappled shade, free time, and kind companions...


Welcome to my chambers. 

Herewith will be found pages dedicated to 

My Favorite Tales & Tale-spinners, Music, Faith, Cats, Art, Photos, What I've Written & What I'm Writing, and My Favorite Place Not On Narenta. 

This may take a while. Let me prepare your favorite beverage & you sit in the comfy chair. Oh, there's a foot stool under that stack of books! I'll get those out of the way for you...

I knew it! Here come the cats.

SherryT aka Sherry Thompson


Vartha on her scratchy place

Khiva on what used to be my chair

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The World of Narenta
 snatched from my "Narenta Tales" blog 2008

Alphesis, Enchanters, Sorcerers

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The Narenta Fantasy Series

Seabird      The Narenta Tumults book 1

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The Narenta Tumults book 2

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"Marooned", Narenta Tumults book 2.5

"Tree House Tales"    (a variety of short works but nothing Narentan)


Narenta Book 3: The Gryphon & the Basilisk

Narenta Book O  Da Boid, da Tree-Rat, 'n' Da Loser


Other Publications

'Shadow Harper' may be found in "UnCONventional", published by Spencer Hill Press. The fantasy convention is just a cover. Read 22 versions of  what's really happening

'Baffled by the Green Door' appears in the anthology "Stories by The Inkslingers". My story is creative nonfiction but the anthology includes fantasy, mystery & others.
ISBN: 978-0-9795738-0-7


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for those who love God, mythic tales, music, cats, food, art, dappled shade, free time, caffeine, kind companions...