Earthbow: The Narenta Tumults #2

Earthbow (Narenta Tumults #2) is the sequel to Seabird.

Seabird (Narenta Tumults #1) was published in 2008 and Earthbow in 2010.

Marooned (The Narenta Tumults #1.5) should be out later this year!


is the sequel to my first fantasy novel,


Like its predecessor, the world of Narenta is the setting for the story. 

Like Seabird, an Outworlder comes to Narenta to aid its people in fighting a form of evil that they are not prepared to handle on their own.

Unlike Seabird, the story is told from the points of view of several characters. Telling a story from one point of view is, in my opinion, easier than telling it from multiple points of view.  However, I knew as soon as I was inspired to write Earthbow it simply couldn't be told from any one person's POV.  

Only parts of the essential plot and its subplots are witnessed directly by Xander, the second Outworlder. Other critical scenes in other plot threads involve the activities of a number of Narentans: 

Two of them are chief antagonists;

A major POV character in this story is a young warrior;

One POV protagonist is an enchanter-in-training -- someone who was introduced in Seabird;

Minor characters who have POV scenes scattered throughout the book include a Neroli or "Young One", and a stoah (pronounced "stow-hah") aka a sentient arboreal animal. Plus some aliens.  Yes.  Aliens.

I don't fill comfortable about offering a summary of Earthbow here.  The tale has a number of plot twists plus one or two characters who slowly shift to "the other side" part of the way through the story. Actually, a reader could even make a good case for one character shifting sides and then shifting sides again. Any summary of the story would tend to give away some of these surprises. Fortunately for me, I already have a publisher for the manuscript so I am under no obligation to write out everything that will happen.

In lieu of a summary, I suggest you follow this link: