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Hi! I'm officially Sherry Thompson but you can call me SherryT

I began creating fiction -- in my daydreams -- about midway through elementary school. 

 I concocted and began typing up my first Speculative Fiction story when I was a preteen, inspired by the Poul Anderson 'Time Patrol' stories and by Walter Farley's 'The Island Stallion Races'. 

I've been reading speculative fiction since I was in college -- which is when I first encountered Tolkien, then only available in the U.S. in an illegal edition. 

I started writing "Seabird" back in 1979. Why? Partially, because I had run out of fantasy I wanted to read at that time. (There was still very little of it in the U.S., as hard as it is to believe that now.)

Also, I felt that "The Chronicles of Narnia" ought to have a companion series for young adults. Okay, there's more to it than that. Follow the link at the left about why I decided to write Seabird.

Writing is my passion.