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Please remember that these are copies of my original works of art and consequently copyrighted in my name.

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 WOMAN WITH SCARF   This one puzzles me. I can't remember when I did it  (for a class?) or who the model was. I know it's mine and that it's old because I still have the original picture. The paper is bright goldenrod yellow and is very discolored. When I scanned it in a couple of years ago, the first thing i did was change the color. (smile)





This is a sketch I did of my beloved "Squeaky".

I owned / was owned by Squeaky for 16 years, and I still

 mourn her death (Dec 29, 2005).  She was the sweetest

 and most loving cat I've ever had the pleasure of

  "owning" (if you can call it that).

(Hint: That's the tip of her tail next to her paw.)