Web 2 Point What?

"Web 2.0 does not refer to any specific change in the technology of the Internet, but rather the behavior of how people use the Internet." (http://www.twinity.com/en/glossary)

Why use the internet and FREE web 2.0 to teach math?
- accessibility
- collaboration
- ease

How do I find resources and ideas?
- build a network
- Google It!
- use what you've got

So what have you got to show me?
- I'm going highlight a few of my favorite math tools, but you can find all my resources on del.ici.ous

Excellent (and Practical) Examples
    - What Do You See?
    - Shape Search with narration
    - Using sets of photos to organize information and ideas
- Virtual Manipulatives
    - Glencoe
    - Shodor
    - NLVM