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8LOO.TK Diabetes Treatment Log

My name is Loo Thiam Khen 呂添根 
(+60124830777 live in Alor Setar, Malaysia.

13 years ago (17 Jun 2000 / age 29), my blood glucose level went as high as 44.4mmol/l (799.2mg/dl) / Urine Glucose 56mmol/l / Urine Ketones 15mmol/l. 

Two doctors who treated me told me only insulin injection can help me. 

Today I am living normally and do not need insulin injection at all. 

Why?! & How?!

Diabetes Treatment Log: (July 2000 - August 2002)
1st. Please do a "Blood Test"
Diabetes Treatment
Blood Test
 Before After
3.Renal & Liver  
4.Serum Insulin  
5.Serum C-Peptide
Note: Old method
6.Hemoglobin A1c
Note: New method
7.Islet Cell Antibody  

2nd. Reset your Health 

Reset Cell = Healthy Cell = Cell can function well

Blood Glucose Monitoring

Postprandial Glucose
 Before Meal................................
 Meal After 2 Hours                         
 Meal After 4 Hours    

 Note: Are you doing right way? or not (hypoglycemia / hyperglycemia)!!!

b. Exercises for 15-20 minutes 3 times a day

i. Calories Burned

ii. Low glucose stores

Note: Not need or less insulin injection. 

c. Healthy Lifestyle

i. No alcohol (Guinness Beer).
ii. No smoking and second hand smoke.

iii. No soft drink (Coca Cola).

d. Diet

i. More

Organic foods: organic vegetable, organic fresh healthy Juices.

ii. Less 

less high glycemic foods: (white rice)

less red meat: (pork)

less deep frying: (french fries)

iii. No junk food 

canned: no fresh

packaged: (Maggi Mee)

fast food: (KFC)

e. Cellular Nutrition "USANA 優莎娜 3719381"

Cellular Nutrition


One Active Calcium Plus 12 1
One Hepasil DTX111
Two CoQuinone 12 1
One Set Essentials1 pair1 pair 1 pair
Two Proflavanol® 22 2

f. Drink more than two liters of filtered water.
i. As you wake up in the morning before brushing teeth, drink 4 x 160ml glasses of water if you are doing a exercises than take more. 
Those who are unable to drink 4 glasses of water at the beginning may commence by taking little water and gradually increase it to 4 glasses.
ii. Drink water 30 minutes before and after breakfast, lunch, dinner.

iii. Drink less before bedtime. 

3rd. Do the "Blood Test" again (My HbA1c "3.2").
At the time, year 2000 Dr Elizabeth only used 0min Serum C-Peptide, 90min Serum C-Peptide test (Letter from Dr Elizabeth).
(Note: Dr Stephen Ponder said "It's a response (the c-peptide) to a standardized meal challenge (i.e., the Susatcal). It's an old method to measure pancreatic function based on how much insulin gets released (as estimated by the c-peptide). It's not an approved method to diagnose diabetes, though. But if you are having normal blood sugar responses now, that's what matters." 

Dr. Stephen Ponder has Type 1 diabetes. He has been a pediatric endocrinologist for 23 years. He directs the Healthy Families of South Texas program at Driscoll Children's Hospital.)

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