Khelmel is well known for its fun filled and exciting and educational performances.

“Thank you so much for being such a great success, and having so much to contribute. We really loved how you made the performance engaging and accessible for all ages and abilities – not to mention EDUCATIONAL!”   - Jennifer LeClerc, Museum of Fine Arts Boston

“The dedication, energy and enthusiasm that  Khelmel has invested in this event is phenomenal and greatly appreciated. I am impressed and amazed by your attention to detail and consideration for the program goals that has gone above and beyond.” - Rachel Farkas, Boston Children’s Museum

“I am so proud of our collaboration!” - Gavin Andrews, Peabody Essex Museum

“All the kids love the colorful and interactive educational materials, even those with no background on India, very fluent in American and Indian idioms” - LZ Nunn, Teacher and Director, Cultural Organization of
, MA