Our Services

Khelmel offers a variety of services to introduce, teach and educate families about Indian culture, language and heritage in a fun filled environment.

Some of our services include:
                We offer educational toys, games, puzzles, flashcards, etc. to showcase and teach about Indian                                     language and culture. Our products are available in Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, etc. among other regional                     Indian languages.
                We present thematic puppet shows and plays about festivals, morals and also custom-design our                                 shows based on ongoing themes and artifacts at our venues.
                We specialize in teaching Indian crafts by giving them a contemporary edge, which helps renew age-old                 tradition.
                  We present participatory workshops in music and dance, where children  learn the notes of  Indian                         Classical Music, the basics of Raga, feel and play music instruments and sing along with specially                                 created ditties and songs. In our dance workshops, children participate in bhangra and folk dance
                 steps, new rhythms and movements.
                We collaborate with artists, musicians and performers to present the unique facets of Indian culture.
                We have an array of various display items about Indian culture and values that have enchanted viewers                 all over.

            We perform at birthday parties and often customize the theme based on age group and interests. Songs,                 games and dances from the child's region, crafts and interactive shows make our birthday                                         parties educational as well as a lot of fun.

Please feel free to contact us for entertaining and educational presentations and materials for your schools, libraries, museums, community events and birthday parties.

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