Research areas

My Research Areas are broadly in Computer Networks and Operating System. Some of the areas which I have explored are as follows

  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Overlay Networks
  • p2p - Distributed Multiplayer Gaming
  • Mobile Computing
  • Real time networks
  • Operating System

Paper Presented:

Paper Accepted at Netgames 2004:




These are some of the interesting projects that I have worked on during my course work at FSU. If you want to know more about them, just give me a buzz.

Implementation of TCP/IP Protocol Stack in an Emulated Network Environment

Studied the TCP/IP protocol stack of Linux Kernel V2.4 and implemented a TCP/IP stack based on those guidelines in an emulated environment.

  • Analyze the TCP/IP stack of Linux Kernel V2.4 and suggest possible enhancements to it
  • Designed, implemented, tested ETHERNET, ARP, UDP, IP, OSPF and TCP protocols.

Overlay Networks, Narada Protocol Prototype

   We implemented a part of the protocol to show how Narada Protocol works. Sanjay G Rao etc., from CMU, proposed the Narada protocol.

  • It was a multithreaded application that used TCP connection to find the latency and UDP connection was used to exchange the multicast traffic
  • Created a spanning tree using reverse shortest path spanning tree algorithm


Drowsy-Region Based Caching

   We combined Region Based Caching and Drowsing Caching technique for RAM, too show how we can effectively save a lot of power consumed by RAM. We implemented this on a simulator called SimpleScalar.

  • Designed and implemented Region Based Caching in Out of Order execution engine