Md. Khaledur Rahman

PhD Student in Computer Science

Indiana University, Bloomington

Email:morahma@iu.edu; khaled.cse.07@gmail.com

Cell Phone: +18123692194, +8801722992453

Web: http://homes.soic.indiana.edu/morahma

Resume: Click Here (Looking for internship opportunity)

Hi, I am Md. Khaledur Rahman. I am now studying in Indiana University, Bloomington to pursue my PhD degree in Computer Science. My current research focuses on high-dimensional data visualization in high performance environment including OpenMP, MPI and CUDA. My supervisor is Prof. Ariful Azad. I received M.S. degree in Computer Science from Indiana University Bloomington (IUB) in 2019. I received B.Sc. degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) in 2013. I have also completed M.Sc. degree in the same Department.

My previous research works focused on Gene Regulatory Networks (GRNs), Protein Structure Prediction (Bioinformatics) and Location Based Social Network Analysis (High Dimensional Data Management). On the other side, I have also worked on Genome Rearrangement (Bioinformatics), Transit Network Design (Meta-Heuristics) and DHT with Range Query (Distributed Computing System).

My Undergraduate and Graduate research advisor was Prof. Dr. M. Sohel Rahman. I have also worked with Dr. Yusuf Sarwar Uddin and Dr. S. M. Farhad in the fields of Distributed Hash Tables and Orchestration of Stream Graph, respectively. I have also experiences in two research works titled Inference of Gene Regulatory Networks from expression data and CRISPR/Cas9 sgRNA activity prediction.