How to Order

These instructions are for ordering our bulk sausage, hams, bagels and other bulk products.  Please order several days in advance to ensure supply. To enjoy our fresh-made breakfast and lunch items please join us at our restaurant described on our Welcome! page.

For a description of the sausage products please go to the  ONLINE MENU

There are two order forms to choose from by clicking on one of the links below. If you are a new customer click on and then complete the "New Customer Order Form". If you are a previous customer and the delivery address for your order has not changed from your previous order please click on and complete the "Previous Customer Order Form". You will still be asked for your phone number and e-mail address in order to confirm your identity.

Khaan Deli will NOT disclose your personal information to anyone. The purpose of collecting your address, phone number, and e-mail address is to ensure accurate delivery and confirm your order.

All orders will be processed and delivered to your specified location within 4 days of the order. We all know the traffic conditions in Ulaanbaatar. Every attempt will be made to get your order to you as soon as possible.

An e-mail invoice will be sent to you confirming your order within 24 hours. If you do not receive an e-mail with your invoice within 24 hours of your order than the form must not have been submitted completely or the e-mail address was incorrect. Please complete the order form again. Upon delivery and payment you will receive an e-mail receipt of your order.

If the order will be finished in under 4 days time, you will be informed and have the option of an earlier delivery. In the event that the order can not be completed within the 4 days, you will receive an e-mail and/or phone call detailing the cause. For example, the sudden unavailability of pork in UB.

Deliveries are within Ulaanbaatar City limits ONLY.

On the order form, please be as specific as possible with directions and the location for your delivery. If there is difficulty in finding your location, we will make every effort to contact you by phone, text, or e-mail on the evening of delivery.

Please have someone home that is able to accept and pay for the delivery.

All Bulk Sausage is 13,000 Tugrik per 0.5 kg package.

A minimum order of 30,000 Tugriks.

A 5,000 Tugrik delivery charge will be added to each order.

Payment is CASH ONLY at time of delivery!