Welcome to my small website about the UK version of the Kawasaki KH125, two-stroke motorcycle.

The UK passed a law in 1983 that ensured that learners without a full license could only ride motorcycles up to 125cc. Initially, a rider could indefinitely use a 125cc with learner 'L' plates stuck on. I rode my Kawasaki KH125 for nearly four years. It was my main vehicle, I went everywhere on that KH125. It was dented, rusty, hand sprayed, often lacking an MOT and tax. I loved it.

Pictured above is my former KH125ex L1 with the cast wheels which I sold in 1992. The non-standard Micron exhaust and a bigger piston kit, ensured an 'indicated' and optimistic top speed of 88mph. I re-sprayed it black with aerosols, this L1 was originally Candy Cobalt Blue. For more information on this model see the L1-Ex page.

Like many people in the UK, I eventually passed the bike test on my KH125 stroker. When the law was amended and CBT's and tests became compulsory,  I moved on and sold my KH125 to fund a bigger bike.

Nearly 20 years later I saw a KH125 for sale, though neglected for years in a garage, it was the same model I once owned. After a good clean up and a few new parts, the old girl is now as good as new and she only has 1700 genuine miles on the clock! 

Below - a French magazine advert from around 77-78


Pictured here is the cover of an original brochure from 1977. See the A1 page.

If you have any stories, info, pictures or anything to do with KH125's, email me! I'm not an expert on KH125's and am not pretending to be, I'm just a fan. If you find something that needs correcting, I'll be very glad to hear from you.

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