2010 Update:

The engine change broke the mapadd generators ability to launch maps from the generator.  You have to create the mapadd and lua pairs and then run the game from steam and open the map in the console.

This program lets you make any non-single player Valve Source Engine map a single player map. This program enables SMOD to play CS:S, DOD, EP1, DM, official Valve Single Player maps.  In order for the Mapadd Generator to work, the map has to have an SNL file (a separate text file that tells SMOD where there are nodes on a level where enemies can spawn and navigate to too) with the same name put in the mapadd/nodes directory (see here on how to make SNL files) or the map has to be a map with nodes built into the bsp (like Valve's maps).  Make sure you have SMOD 37c or later.

Installation instructions found here:

Remember if when you start a map and there are no enemies pull down the console and type reload and then there should be enemies.  This happens the first time you load a map / mapadd pair and doesn't have to be done afterwards.

Version 2.4 (latest)

Added toggle to let player respawn after dying in a level (no more level reloading).  For this to work you must type in the console (or put in your config.cfg file) the following: smod_playcoopmap 1.  The only downside is that when you respawn you respawn in the same place and not a random node.


Here is the source code MapaddGeneratorIteration2.4.zip.  If you create new abilities in HL2 mapadding let me know and credit me for the program.

Version 2.3

  • You can now choose up to 36 objects to spawn from any mod or model pack ever made for any source engine game.  Simply install the models to your smod directory and go into the mapadd generator and navigate to the "Custom Objects" tab under the "Objects" tab and choose which model you want to spawn in game.  Now you can play with new objects and not the same HL2 file cabinet and watermelon.

  • Here are some places you can go to get more models.  Remember you can install ANY model pack meant for Garry's mod or HL@ or any CS:S game.  Be careful though when putting in models in your SMOD directory since you might overwrite important files.  Usually all you need is the models and materials folder to copy over to SMOD to get the models working.  Nonetheless here are some links to some model packs: 

  • Created another tab where you can spawn models that are found in the SMOD model pack. (See the bottom of the page here: http://kh0rn3.googlepages.com/home5 to find the SMOD Model Pack download.  Included in the model pack are bobombs you can spawn in game and through around to explode, a giant sawblade and many other cool models.

  • Made some minor cosmetic changes.

I also uploaded a new Gordon model that has a helmet and is a lot better than the other Gordon model on this site.

Here are some screenshots of some of the random models in game (remember these spawn and respawn in random place in any source engine level) as long as the map as an snl file or has nodes built into it like a Valve map:

Version 2.27

  • Added ability for almost every HL2 object to be respawnable *Note for some reason there are objects that do not respawn*

    • This inadvertently made many more objects available/spawnable for some reason. (e.g., a lot of the breakable wood boards)

  • Cleaned up the interface

  • Added more nodes for more maps. 

Version 2.1

  • Added sawblades to the spawnable items category (look in the objects tab, Old-Non Regenerating Objects sub-tab and in the bottom right-hand corner. (you can spawn a bunch of zombies and have sawblades sitting around now.)

  • Add proper pre-caching of NPCs so there is now less studder when NPCs appear the first time.

  • Added more regenerating objects: 

    • Wooden Crate

    • Wooden Crate - Large

    • Watermelon

    • Propane Tank

    • Gas Can

    • Nuclear Canisters

  • Added toggable regenerating objects respawn time.

Version 2.0

  • Added ability to choose any HL2 model to randomly spawn in game.

  • Made it easier to use/understand 

  • Fixed some bugs and cleaned up the interface

Version 1.9

  • Added Zombine and Zombie2 regenerating enemies (click here to get Zombie2 model pack to get zombie2 working correctly with many different models).

  • Fixed some bugs and cleaned up the interface

Version 1.65

  • Added more models to be chosen to randomly spawn (e.g., cars)

  • Made the launcher tab less confusing

  • Added an option to force the player to start in the map's designed default start position.  Recommended for HL2 Single Player maps only.

  • Got rid of a bunch of annoyances in the mapadd generator

Version 1.52

  • Fixed the lua not working when no replacement models were selected

  • Made navigating for files much easier

  • Added the ability to choose a bsp or nav file to generate the mapadd text and lua files.  This comes in handy since you can create a mapadd and lua for a map that doesn't have an SNL file, launch the map and go into the map and start setting down nodes and the enemies will start appearing in real time.  Make sure to save the SNL file by typing ai_snl_save in the console.  To get the nodemaker gun, bind a key like .... Bind "F12" "give weapon_nodemaker; ai_nodes; ai_show_connect; wait; ai_show_connect_fly; wait; ai_show_connect_jump; wait; ai_show_hints; wait;ai_moveprobe_jump_debug 1" in your config.cfg file.

  • Added a toggle for preventing regenerating NPCs from dropping weapons.  This is nice if you cheat and don't need dropped weapons.  Preventing NPCs from dropping guns can help the cpu load, especially if a gun gets caught in a moving brush. 

Version 1.41

  • Added ability to choose up to three different models for the Elite Combine and up to three different models for the Combine Soldiers.  Simply browse for the mdl files and choose one you want in the models or models/subfolder directory. A good model to use/start out with is here: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=4619.  Install the model into SMOD and then open up the generator and press the Choose Replacement Models button in the Regenerating NPCs tab.  Now press one of the choose model buttons and browse for the mdl file that you want to replace the combine.  Some models will not work for some reason.  But in this case, browse to models/thespectator/assassin.mdl and choose assassin.mdl.  Now you can press Replace ALL combine with the model checkbox if you want all of that particular combine type to be replaced with the assassin model.  The model file you are browsing has to be in the SMOD/models directory or a subdirectory therein.

Version 1.337 

  • Added configurable, regenerating, physics-based, thruster-powered, exploding nuclear canisters.

Version 1.31 

  • Fixed the map launcher.

Version 1.23 

  • Added regenerating exploding barrels

Version 1.21

  • Fixed some random bugs 

  • Added probability toggle for regenerating NPCs

  • Added ability to play in any single player map including all of Valve's levels by giving the operator the power to remove all default map NPCs and put in mapadd's NPCs.  This means you can play Valve's maps random NPC regeneration with 0 NPC conflict and 0 need for snl file requirement.  Another first.

  • Added the ability to change the amount of time between respawns.

  • Fixed the generator so it will be more compatible with Vista.

  • Fixed the launch map option to work with more computers. 

Version 1.11

  • Added Speed multipliers to regenerating NPCs and fixed a few buggy props. 

Version 1

  • Added dispositions to regenerating NPCs.  Now you can play against all HL2 NPCs, they respawn in random locations, team together and hate you.

  • Cleaned up the interface

  • Cut the program file size by 1/3  

Beta .92

  • Redid the interface and removed a lot of unnecessary and confusing elements.

  • Added more objects to be spawned on a level

  • Temporarily or not temporarily made it so the only game play is the non-regenerating or regenerating random location spawning of NPCs on a level .  Additionally, you will spawn in a random place at the start of a level.  Regenerating enemies will spawn over and over like as before.  The next release will let you choose where you want to spawn at first in a level (Default HL2 Single Player start location, CS:S Terrorist starting spawn location, random, ect.)  My goal is to implement dispositions for regenerating NPCs which I can't do yet.  Then you could have ALL of HL2's NPCs respawning all over the level, cooperating and trying to kill you.  Watch out, Kleiner might spawn around a corner where he wasn't before a few minutes ago and shoot you in the head. 

Beta .9 

  • Added dispositions for NPCs.  Now you can fight against combine, houndeyes, Barney, headcrabs and ANY HL2 character all at the same time and they are all friends.  Any combination of dispositions for all characters can be created.  They can all be friends, hate you and be on the same level together without fighting each other.  Combine Aces can be  friends with the Vortigaunt.  The Aces will jump over your head while the Vortigaunt will electrocute you.  Alyx now keeps poison zombies as pets and they all hate you!  Alyx wants to spill your blood!  Maybe you can add some rollermines as your friends to protect you.

  • Added a random function to the dispositions so at the start of the level you don't know who hates you or likes you. 

  • Added a lot more spawnable props including the trap propeller blade, which is very fun to throw around.

  • Added a random spawn option for the player on any map at the start of the game gameplay for both regenerating npcs and non-regenerating.  This makes it easy to play any source map and not start outside the level.

Beta .7

  • Added Speed Multipliers for NPCs and made the regeneration gameplay allow for the respawning/regeneration of any NPC.

Beta .6

  • Combine Regeneration added with the ability to choose starting spawn number and max spawns 

Beta .4

  • When animals attack gameplay added