Hello,My name is Keith and i was born and raised in the state of N.H. I have been in the construction business my whole life.My father was in the business,My brother is in the business and my mother and sister are both in the Real estate business.I love the state of N.H. and do everything i can to support our community and get my children involved with the great things N.h. has to offer.I pass my compassion on to my customers and provide the affordability that these tough times demand ,without cutting on the quality of workmanship.I do most of the work myself and barely have any overhead.No out of home office,secratary,accountant,high office utility bills,rent,fleet vehicles,storage ext....my price reflects covering me and my talents.I will beat any of the big companies written proposal and some by as much as 50%. I am not out to make a lot of money off one person but out to make a little off a lot of people.So a real good price will be the first thing you get. 603 724 9444