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Due to high volume of calls 
Kathy does not locate lost animals or take emergency calls.
Animal Communication is the process by which impressions thoughts, images, or feelings can be transmitted & received between different species. Kathy uses telepathic/intuitive communication.

 Consultations are done over the telephone by appointment only.  The animal does not need to be present with you. Kathy has clients in Canada, UK, Germany, China, Bahamas, as well as all over the United States. Her students have included, veterinarians, trainers, Pet Sitters, animal massage therapists, and other professionals as well as pet owners/lovers just like you!

 Kathy has always had an involvement with animals. She has had numerous cats, dogs, horses, as well as a crow she and her sister adopted. She competed in Hunter Jumper Events then later took up Combined Driving. Kathy first heard of Animal Communication in 1992. She studied with  Animal Communicator Anita Curtis in her  Basic & Advanced Workshops and later apprenticed with Anita in  training others “how to”. Kathy’s goal is to take the huge misconceptions spun into Animal Communication and present it in its basic form. She has laid out a very straight forward and at times a humorous approach to her teaching and lecturing on the   subject of Animal Communication. Kathy is quick to point out that intuitive/animal communication is not “new” or a “phenomenon”, nor are only “special people” privileged with the skill.

Telepathic/Intuitive communication is just another sense we have; we are taught to only acknowledge five of our senses. This other sense, our sixth sense has simply been ignored, pushed aside.

 Words commonly sensationalized, misused and misunderstood.

 Telepathy (n): Apparent communication from one mind to another by extrasensory means. 

Extrasensory (adj.): Not acting or occurring through the known senses. The definition validates this “other sense” is not a “known” sense, like our five “tangible” senses.

Sixth Sense (n): A power of perception like but not one of the five senses: a keen Intuitive power. 
Intuitive (adj.) Knowing or perceiving by intuition. Intuition (n): Quick and ready insight.

Psychic (n): a person apparently  sensitive to non physical forces: also: medium.

ALL people are born with these  abilities!

Animal Communicators are NOT special people!  We were fortunate enough to find someone to instruct us how!

Kathy’s workshops help you regain the ability YOU are born with!