Kindred Gathering Dulcimer Festival

  This site’s purpose is to present info on upcoming & past Kindred Gatherings.
Previous attempts to maintain current KG info at a central site [,] have been less than successful.  While the Facebook page for 2014’s KG-40 has become a central site for current KG info and discussion, that page (unlike Robert Force’s Facebook page) is not visible if you’re not a member of Facebook.  I JimBStuff ) intend for this site to be updated with current KG info - and visible to all without joining anything.  But success depends on  my getting KG info updates, &  my ability to maintain the site...

--->  Current KG Info:  Scroll down or click to see the latest KG information I have.


  • The Kindred Gathering – an Annual Event for Friends of the Dulcimer
It’s an unusual incarnation of a music camp/festival, largely centered on the fretted dulcimer

The “Kindred Gathering for Friends of Modes and Dulcimerie” began in 1975, the creation of Robert Force and Albert d’Ossché – a legendary duo of master dulcimerists who helped define contemporary fretted dulcimer music in the post-Fariña years.
I refer to the gathering as a “festival” here in the broad sense of the term (“a special time or event when people gather to celebrate something”).  Some who’ve attended the KGs believe that the event should be described only as a “gathering,” not as a “festival” – due to the vast differences between the KG and a typical music festival.

  • Who can attend a Kindred Gathering?
Both accomplished players of – and learners of (as well as listeners to) – all instruments (and voices)... are welcome!  This means you.  (Although the KG is roughly centered around the fretted dulcimer, many other instruments and musicians of all sorts become important parts of its fabric every year.)

  • Where does the annual Kindred Gathering take place?
The Kindred Gathering is always something new and different ... and fun – organized by different folks at changing west-coast sites every year.  In the early months of the year, you can look here to see if I’ve posted info yet about where/when the KG will be that summer.

  • Where do I see a schedule of presentations at the KG?
You participate in creating the KG’s user-generated content (not always music-related) impromptu workshops, eclectic song circle and open-mic concert, spontaneous jams, unnatural acts and anarchic random band scramble.  No schedule is planned before the gathering starts.  Unlike the two-class system at most music festivals, everyone at a KG is both a star and a student – sharing what they can and taking in what they can.

  • How do I sign up and pay?
Just show up and join in!  The KG needs no registration forms, fees, forfeit, feasance or formal folderol.  ...A free festival, kind of...  To cover costs, recommended donations are announced
at the gathering whenever we figure ’em out.  (Sometimes, though, those who own a location where a KG is held will impose some mandatory per-person or per-car fees.)

  • Watch KG-related videos (mostly concert performances) here:  KG Videos


---->  Here’s the Latest KG Info I Have:
  • 2017:  KG-XLIII (KG-43)
Aug. 10, 11, 12, 13, 2017  ( Thurs. [noon] - Sun. [sundown] ), at Mendocino Magic, Laytonville, CA.
Click here 2017: KG-43 for the 2017 KG invite/flyer – and the separate map/directions page.


Archive of KG Info from Previous Years:

  • 2016:  KG-XLII (KG-42)
Aug. 12, 13, 14, 2014 (Fri. - Sun.), Rainier, OR
To see the invitation and other details published before the event, click here:  2016: KG-42
  • 2015:  KG-XLI (KG-41)
July 13, 14, 15, 16, 2015 (Mon. - Thurs.), Port Townsend, WA  (the only KG to date not held in August)
To see the invitation and other details published before the event, click here:  2015: KG-41
  • 2014:  KG-XL (KG-40)
Aug. 15, 16, 17, 2014 (Fri. - Sun.), Caspar, CA

  • Robert Force’s list of the first 40 KG locations, from 1975 to 2014:
[click to enlarge]