Indiana Math League

The Indiana Math League is a really cool opportunity for students to get involved with an academic competition of sorts after school.

Math League is a contest with six rounds; one round a month beginning in October. Each contest has six questions to be worked on for 30 minutes.  About 40 high schools in Indiana typically compete.  The contest packet is sealed until the students compete - all on the same day - and the sponsor scores them and submits the score.   We can have as many students compete as we want but the top five scores make our team score that we submit.  We had a very good turnout for our events last year and our school placed in the top 20 with great regularity throughout the year.

In addition to state accolades, the top 5 cumulative scores from the year will each earn a school award at our honor day ceremony at the end of the year.

Below is a link to a sample contest with answers you may want to check out:

2011-12 Math League dates:
Tuesday October 18th
Tuesday November 25th
Tuesday December 13th
Tuesday January 10th
Tuesday February 14th
Tuesday March 13th

Math League is during tutorial on Tuesdays in Mr. Terwilliger's Room, 215.