Grab files from internet html pages at an instant! 

WebGrab News

(19-07-2006) WebGrab 1.03 Beta is now ready!

This new version boasts new features such as downloading progress and bug fixes. Download
Or download it from rapidshare:

(05-07-2006) Now WebGrab 1.02 is online at softpedia.com. Check it out!

(28-06-2006) I have uploaded WebGrab 1.02. This new version fixes a silly bug involving the size of the url. In the previous version this would have caused the program to hault. Now the url shown in the notify area is simply restrained to 64 characters long.

(23-06-2006) I have updated WebGrab to version 1.01 in order to tackle some problems that emerged in specific web pages that do not define absolute file urls.

(20-06-2006) I have recently completed the first version of WebGrab.


WebGrab Help

 WebGrab is an innovative program that will download files from the web in a very easy and specific way. It has been designed to tackle the following issues:

  • An html page containing many links to files (movies, audio, documents, archives, executables, etc). In this case the program parses the page and identifies the urls of the files. These are then inserted in the "Files Found" list. The user can now choose among them the ones that should be downloaded.
  • An html page having embedded a file. Most usually this will be either a pdf document or a movie file. This results in the page loading the particular file through the explorer. This poses two problems:
    1) The file, if a movie, can not be saved.
    2) The file, if large, will take a considerable amount of time to load. This may result in the internet browser to halt temporarily, giving rise to an unpleasant situation.
    The program gives a solution to the above problems by downloading the file rather than loading it.
  • There is a link in a page that when clicked will result in the browser loading the file rather than downloading it. This problem is similar to the above and the solution is likewise straightforward. The user has only got to copy the url of the file in the "Link to file" texbox under the "Grab" tab. The file will be immediately downloaded.

The user may simply drag & drop the url of an html page or a file to download. Otherwise he may copy & paste it in the appropriate text boxes or even type it in by himself.


In this tab the user may set:

  • The types of the files to be looked for. These may be:
    1) Movie files (avi, wmv, mpg, mpeg)
    2) Document files (doc, pdf)
    3) Audio files (mp3, wav)
    4) Executable files (exe)
    5) Archive files (zip, rar)
    6) Image files (jpg, gif, png, bmp)
  • The destination folder where all downloaded files should be saved in.
  • Miscellaneous options concerning the way the program feels and behaves:
    1) Transparent window.
    2) Always on top.

The program supports session saving. In other words, just before being terminated, the program will save all preferences in the webgrab.ini file. When loaded again it will restore the options set from the previous session.