Shutdown manager 

iShutdown v1

(05-07-2006) Now iShutdown is online Check it out here! 

(07-06-2006) Now iShutdown is online at Check it out here!

(24-06-2006) Now iShutdown is online at Check it out here! 

(22-05-2006) Have you ever happened to start a 5 hours download and leave your PC on during the weekend in order to complete it? Wouldn't it be perfect if you could somehow turn your PC off after the download completion? This problem is addressed by iShutdown. 

Download it here...

If you are having problems downloading it for the above link, try the rapdishare link.

Same case as iResize, you need the .NET 2.0 framework installed in your system. Download it here.

iShutdown Screenshots