Instantly transform many images into a different resolution-image format 

iResize News

(01-08-2006) iResize 2 is ready and hosts many new features. Download it here. (rapidshare link)
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Note that in order to execute it you will need the .NET 2.0 framework installed in your computer. Otherwise it can not be executed. Click here to download it from the Microsoft site. 

(26-07-2006) iResize 1.03 is out. This new version fixes a problem conserning the length of folder names + file names loaded. Download it here. (rapidshare alternate download link)

(07-06-2006) Now iResize is online at! Check it out here! 

(06-06-2006) Now iResize is online at! Check it out here!

(23-05-2006) Fixed a bug concerning the destination folder. When trying to resize and crop some images using the "Wide" images option, the resulting images were saved in the folder containing the original ones. This is addressed at this revision, which you can download here.

iResize v2

The new version of iResize hosts the following new features:

  • Image viewer so that now you can view the images you have chosen in greater detail.
  • Mobile phones wallpapers automatic creation. The program is aware of many new mobile phones and you can add many more by yourself.
  • Keep image format feature.
  • Image rotation (90 clockwise, 90 counter-clockwise, Flip Horizontal, Flip Vertical)
  • Resize Folder feature. Choose a folder and the way its images should be resized. Then this folder will be cloned, containing the resized images, named as destination folder.
  • Drag & Drop images selection. Simply open the file explorer, choose the images you wish to resize and drag & drop them in the selected images list of iResize.
  • Do not enlarge feature that will make sure that none of the selected images is going to be enlarged by accident.
  • View resulting images at real time, as they are being processed. 

 how to...

  • Resize a batch of images:
    1) Select images either by clicking on the "Add..." button or via drag & drop from the file explorer.
    2) Choose whether you wish for a percent resize or a dimension resize. In the latter one you may wish to check the "Keep constraints" checkbox to ensure there will be no ration distortion in the resulting images or the "Crop Images" to transform the ratio of the images without distorting them (for instance when resizing images to fit a widescreen 16:9 screen). Check the "Do not enlarge" checkbox to ensure that no images are going to be enlarged during the process.
    3) Choose whether you wish to rotate the images during the process.
    4) You can view the images you have selected in the Image Viewer by either selecting one and clicking on the "View Image" button or simply double-clicking on one. Once in the Image Viewer you can traverse through the selected images and view details about them either by clicking on the "Up" and "Down" buttons, or by simply rotating the mouse wheel to the respective direction.
    5) Choose the format of the output files. Here you may either opt to keep the original images file format or convert them to jpeg, bmp, gif, tiff, png. You also need to select a destination folder by either clicking on the "Browse..." button or by simply typing it down in the respective text box. Don't worry if the folder does not exist. The program will automatically create it.
    6) Finally click on the "Resize" button and watch the resulting images as they are being created.
  • Resize folder:
    1) Choose a folder to resize by either clicking on the "Browse..." button or by typing it down in the respective text box. All the images contained in this folder are going to be resized.
    2) Choose the resizing options as described above.
    3) Choose the destination folder. This will be the copy of the original folder containing the same directory structure but the resized images.
    4) Click on the "Resize" button and watch as the resulting images are being created.
  • Create Mobile Phone Wallpapers:
    1) You may follow the same steps as in the "Resize a batch of images" section. Just make sure you select the MobPhone Wallpaper option.
    2) Now you may select your mobile phone device. If you can't find yours don't worry. There is a way to easily add it in the list, explained below.
    3) After selecting any other options click on the "Resize" button to start resizing the original images. Please bare in mind that the author had not the chance to test whether the resulting images fit well on a particular mobile phone screen (this would involve me bying all of them!). The list associates every mobile phone with the resolution of its screen as stated by its maker. However if there are such problems the user may also alter the resolution produced for each particular device as stated below.
  • Add, modify mobile phones entries:
    1) The mobile phones entries are stored in the text file "MobilePhones.txt".
    2) You may add a mobile phone by simply opening the text file in Notepad and inserting it in the following manner:
    Mobile Phone,Width,Height
    Please make sure that no spaces are inserted between the commas. Also bear in mind that the list is sorted alphabetically so for your convenience you may wish to stick with it and insert the new entry at the appropriate place.
    3) You may modify an existing phone entry by simply opening the text file in Notepad and altering the Width and Height information.



iResize v1

iResize can instantly resize a number of images into a different resolution. However it does much more than that.

  • Using its straightforward interface you can also save the resulting images into different image formats (Jpeg, Bmp, Tiff, Png and Gif).
  • For those who have bought a widescreen monitor (or a laptop that is equiped with one) and want to convert their 4:3 wallpapers into the 16:9 image resolution, this is easily done by simply checking on the "Wide" option and choosing the target resolution (1280 x 800 for instance).

Note that in order to execute it you will need the .NET 2.0 framework installed in your computer. Otherwise it can not be executed. Click here to download it from the Microsoft site.