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iFind news

(22/08/2006) iFind v1 alpha in online. You can download it from:
2) Rapidshare

Note that in order to execute it you will need the .NET 2.0 framework installed in your computer. Otherwise it can not be executed.  Download it here.

iFind 1

It has been awhile ago when it occured to me that it would be nice to have a program that would store information about specific files, such as their names and where to get them in a database. This way I would be able to get hold of each one one of them by simply performing a search in my database. This need gave birth to iFind.
It is an easy to use file organizer. In a way it is similar to google desktop, despite the fact that it does a lot less but is also a lot less processor demanding.

how to use it...

First of all please bear in mind that this program is an alpha version yet.
After installing iFind you may set the type of files to be cataloged (by file extention) and the folders to look into. After the indexing procedure has been completed you may simply minimize iFind. It will silently remain in the taskbar area and wait for your first attempt to find a file. Simply type in the name of a file, or part of it and iFind will do its best to find it for you. All matching files are presented in a listbox. Now, having identified the one you were looking for, you may simply doubleclick it and it will be loaded in the usual manner.
There is no sophisticated update algorithm for the database. After indexing your hard disk you will have to manually add any new files by simply dragging & droping them over the iFind window. Please bear in mind that indexing again will result in rebuilding the database from scratch.