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Information about me and other interesting stuff 


Here you can view both my english and greek curiculum vitae. 

Greek CV
English CV



(22/08/2006) iFind v1 alpha has been recently completed. Easily  & effortlessly index documents, movies, mp3 music files and access them instantly without having to navigate throught the windows explorer! Find out more here... 


(20-06-2006) I have recently finished WebGrab v1.0. This program serves a means of dowloading files that are loaded inside the internet browser. It also serves as a batch downloader when given the url of an html page containing links to other files. Find out more here...


(17-05-2006) I created this little application when I needed to instantly resize a batch of images to a required resolution. I simply wanted to create an online album, so I had to come up with a group of thumbnails and images that would be easily downloaded from it. Find out more here...


(22-05-2006) Have you ever happened to start a 5 hours download and leave your PC on during the weekend in order to complete it? Wouldn't it be perfect if you could somehow turn your PC off after the download completion? This problem is addressed by iShutdown. Find out more here...


(08-06-2006) This program will attempt to download the images shown in a web-based images album. It may however not work with some sites, since unfortunately there is no such thing as a standardized web-album. Find out more here...

AJAX project

I've recently started playing with the AJAX technology. It's main advantage is that it allows for dynamic web pages that have the ability of being updated with no reloading involved. This brings in mind online applications being launched from a browser. This I will try to do in due time. The project, when finished, will be available for download here. 


From time to time I come across interesting academic advancements. When I do so I usually take notes. You can download them in PDF format by clicking on the links below. 

 Control Engineering