This will be your portfolio of your work at our school. Make it your own by adding a photograph of yourself. Add elements from your academic learning as well learning and activities from outside of school. 

You may change the theme and colors to meet your design principles. You will be using this site for the next four years so make it represent you as well as showcasing your work.

Make sure you share it with everyone at (your school) so we view it. That way we can all watch your growth in goal setting, reflections, and artifact creation. We could also add comments on your goals and reflection pages.

As you move through school, we want you to build a portfolio of work so you can look back after four years and see the growth that you have achieved. 

To make it meaningful, you should keep in mind the process of adding artifacts from your classes each year. Include artifacts you are proud of as well as ones that challenged you to grow as a learner, collaborator, or that you are proud of because the work was meaningful to you.

You will use a single page based on the Announcement format. This will allow you to insert a Google Drive Folder called Portfolio Artifacts 5th Grade which will show all of the artifacts inside of it. You can have artifacts in more then one folder so do not worry if you do not want to move it out of one folder.

You will then add your learning goals and reflections underneath this folder.  You do not need to use each one each time, but as you go through school, address each one in some tangible way.

You may add additional pages as you see fit as well as include any outside of school learning projects that you create. Embedding is possible and supported as we know that you learn both at school and in the connected world outside of school.

Let this portfolio showcase all of your learning.

Mr. Schaefer

You are free to delete the text written by Mr. Schaefer as you make your portfolio your own. The images may also be deleted.

The three parts of your portfolio that will shape your thinking and document your learning.

port wordle

Setting Learning Goals: Each year you should write some learning goals that will guide your learning for the year. What do you hope to learn at school or outside of school? In order to be successful, you need to write these goals down along with ideas on how you will accomplish your goals.

Prompts for writing learning goals:
  • My learning goals are:
  • To accomplish my goals:
Writing Reflections: Reflecting is the most important part of the portfolio process, for without it, the portfolio becomes simply a collection of work without purpose. By reflecting on your work, you will engage in metacognitive thinking and begin to develop a working knowledge of who you are as learners.
You should reflect each time you add an artifact to your portfolio.

Questions to ask yourself when reflecting:
  • Why was this piece selected as a portfolio piece?
  • What did I do?
  • What did I learn?
  • What are my feelings about my learning?
  • What will I do differently next time in order to improve?