Welcome to the KF Local Group - In Long Beach, California, USA.  Quality research, documentation, articulation, accuracy, and more.

[01/09/2016 -- Note:  Apologies to everyone, monumental strides have been reported in the last few weeks.  There are a lot of changes and refinements that need to be made to this site -- that there hasn't been time to make.  Hopefully, we will get some time to devote to bringing the site to reflect the current state of knowledge.  Additionally, we hope to provide a NEWBIE section for those just getting into the research, so they can get up to speed quickly.]

This group is NOT connected with the Keshe Institute, or Foundation or any of its similar organizations.  We are an International group of people drawn together to study the work, build units, test them, record results, and share them with the world.  

We manufactured some coils for Armen Guloyen, and he urged us to create a company to manufacture components and tools for builders and researchers.  At his direction we set up a Go Fund Me page to create the manufacturing company (Link is Here).  I'm reluctant to accept donations, but there is a lot involved in becoming a KF Manufacturer, so I guess I'll just have to go with the flow, and we will see where it leads.  Forming a manufacturing company doesn't have anything to do with this Site, but the revenue from manufacturing will help us obtain laboratory equipment and supplies to pursue the research.

News - Announcements - Updates

  • Increasing Number of Plasma Capacitors May Accelerate Nanocoating 12/17/2015.  A report that came in today from Eduardo tends to indicate that increasing the number of Plasma Capacitors connected to a Magrav Unit can accelerate the nanocoating ...
    Posted Dec 17, 2015, 8:33 AM by Mike Marko
  • Early Magrav Test Reports 12/3/2015  Greetings all.  Roald Boom has a new video out 12-2-15, with his final results of his Magrav 2 unit.  He has concluded that it does ...
    Posted Dec 3, 2015, 10:15 AM by Mike Marko
  • Special on Purchasing Metals for 11/30/2015 only. Greetings all.  One of our researchers point this out:Hi Mike - Giving you a heads up - OnlineMetals.com has 30% off all itemsMonday only. Copper, Zinc, Titanium, Brass plates ...
    Posted Nov 30, 2015, 8:45 AM by Mike Marko
  • Critical Keshe 11/24/2015 Comment on Nanocoating. This video clip is taken from the International Knowledge Seeker Workshops/Health Teaching Workshop November 24, 2015, starting at approximately 2:40:36.  Keshe is saying that applying a voltage ...
    Posted Nov 25, 2015, 6:43 AM by Mike Marko
  • Magravs Operation Manual Available 11/22/2015    Keshe Foundation has published the manual for the Operation of the Purchased Magravs Units.We have copied the content to a page entitled "Magravs Break-In Manual ...
    Posted Nov 22, 2015, 5:46 PM by Mike Marko
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This site was created 10/30/15 at 9:00am PDT.  It has grown rapidly since then.  Anyone wanting to join the group and help out with collecting / posting the new developments would be welcome.

Let's explore this new technology together.  One viewer said "You Guys Rock!" and thanked us for creating the site.  He said it was his "go to" page for current, good information.  I aim to keep it that way.

See our new Contributors Section for new information submitted by folks doing a great job out there at watching for details...   

Click on the "Magrav Components" page and sub-pages on the left -- It's where I'm trying to set out some How-To specifics, along with critical information.

SPECIAL NEWS RELEASE 11/25/2015.  See Video Clip regarding nanocoating:

YouTube Video

Click on the "Files" page on the left -- it's where I have copies of the Blueprint Documents, as well as other things.  These files are locally stored, so be aware that there might be newer versions available that I'm not yet aware of.  Email me if you notice a discrepancy.  I have them locally simply for safe storage.

I created a Google Group for this endeavor so we can share information.  It's email address is keshe-foundation-local-group-long-beach-ca-usa@googlegroups.com  The group can be accessed web style and via emails   Link to Group is on the left where it says "Join Our Discussion."  

We have a new YouTube Channel.  Will be uploading Blueprint videos to it, one is online so far.  Link is:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7_LKjGD6dY3XwXb3oNNRbw  

NEW INFORMATION as of 11/16/2015:

The Keshe Foundation Support Center Website is now open.  It provides access to the following subdivisions: 1) Customer Service Center
2) Manufacturer Support Center
3) Distributor Support Center
4) International Keshe Foundation Support Center
5) Volunteer and Human Resources Support Center 

Keshe Blueprint Page Link.  Last I checked, it has Version 2.0 on it.  Check it often to see if changes were made, and let us know when revisions appear, as we might miss it.

Visit the Keshe Foundation Forum for other information that is being discussed HERE

It seems that it is also VERY IMPORTANT that you REGULARLY look at the Blueprint Transcription (I call it the "working document") at the following Link.  

All Magrav coils, capacitors and wire twists are to be Left-Hand.  It's Official.  Straight from Armen Guloyan from KFSSI Italy, who met with us 11/16/15 here in Long Beach, California.

This site is for the research and development of Keshe Foundation devices.

We welcome and encourage submissions.  Articles, Data, Photos, Videos (or links to yours on YouTube).

You can have your own page(s) here to help get the word out.

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