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Major Projects

1.       Development of experimental payload for Space Radiation Measurement for IMS-1.(Under the MoU between CHARUSAT, Changa and SAC-ISRO, Ahmadabad )  

Abstract:- The objective of the proposed instruments is to assess and quantify the exact radiation effects like TID (In terms of rad) and SEE (in terms of SEU).Instrument will measure the total ionizing dose absorbed by a silicon test mass for a specific period of time. The TID requirement for any onboard electronics subsystem is up to 10Krad for LEO orbit. In SEU measurement SRAM will be exposed in to the radiation environment and the effect of radiation on SRAM will be measured in terms of soft errors.

2.       Implementation of AIS (Automatic Identification System) protocol on FPGA for Student Satellite Project.

Abstract:- Automatic Identification System (AIS) protocol is a scheme for generating a self-organized data network between marine vessels. AIS can be used for Collision avoidance, Search & rescue, Fishing Fleet Monitoring and Control, Vessel traffic services and aids to navigation. AIS Transponder on ship broadcast information regarding its speed, position and navigational status at regular interval using VHF transponder at 161.975 MHz and 162.025 MHz. These speed, position and direction information is generated from the ship's navigational sensors, navigation satellite system (GNSS) receiver and gyrocompass.

 3.       Design and Development of reflectometery diagnostic system for PAM antenna of Aditya-U tokamak (Funding Project, BOARD OF RESEARCH IN NUCLEAR SCIENCES (BRNS), DEPARTMENT OF ATOMIC ENERGY (DAE)GOVERNMENT OF INDIA)

Abstract:- This project is intended to measure electron density profile of plasma in Aditya-U tokamak at Institute of Plasma Research. The proposed system measure the density profile by launching a microwave beam in to the plasma. This beam is reflected at the density layer corresponding to the ordinary or extraordinary mode cut off, depending on the mode launched in plasma. By sweeping the microwave frequency and tracking the resulting phase delay, the density profile will be reconstructed. The proposed system mainly consists of a Voltage Controlled Oscillator, Analog Tuning Voltage Supply, Band Pass Filter, Antenna, Low Noise Amplifier, IQ Mixer/Demodulator, ADC, FPGA TCXO and the interface of electronics board with the external environment (i.e. PC).Overall, we propose the system having: (1) A RF Transmitter-receiver system to measure the density profile of Plasma (2) FPGA based signal processing system to measure phase information from the generated I and Q signal (3) Development of data acquisition system for the acquisition of digitized IQ data from electronics board to LabVIEW software.

4.       Design and Development of transmission line components for 42GHz/200kw/3sec Gyrotron for start-up studies in tokamak ADITYA (Funding Project, BOARD OF RESEARCH IN NUCLEAR SCIENCES (BRNS), DEPARTMENT OF ATOMIC ENERGY (DAE)GOVERNMENT OF INDIA)

Abstract:- The Gyrotron has become an integral part of fusion reactors for pre-ionization, pre-heating current start- up, plasma heating, current drive and plasma diagnostics. Low loss transmission line is required for transmission of microwave power Gyrotron to either tokamak or to dummy load. Transmission of power on the order of megawatts for meter-length distances, traditional methods will be insufficient due to large attenuation, mode conversion, the possibility of electromagnetic breakdowns, and high heating which can lead to failures in the transmission system. Overmoded corrugated cylindrical waveguide have been shown to have low attenuation for the fundamental mode over long distances compared to smooth wall transmission lines. However, due to misalignment or manufacturing errors causes higher amounts of mode conversion and large losses. Decreasing the mode conversion in high power experiments is necessary for the integrity of the transmission system .Therefore, we have taken the challenge and proposed the design of mode converters, miter bends and low loss circular corrugated waveguide of approximately 1 meter long for 42 GHz frequency which can hold power of 200kW/3 seconds.

 5.       Data Acquisition System Using FPGA & MCU at PRL (Duration-1 Year)

Abstract:- In this project we are developing Data acquisition system X-Ray Detection at PRL.X-Rays generated from surface have wide range ranging from 0.12 to 120Kev. From these we have to design a payload which works in the range of 1-25Kev that is for Soft X-ray range using a single FPGA chip. Front End of this payload detects these X-Rays and converts them to the proper form to find the peak value of the energy generated for detected X-Rays. 

6.       Face identification using MATLAB (Duration-6 Months)

Abstract:- It was my bachelor final year project, and in this project we are trying to make a security system based on face identification on MATLAB. This project may be used for not only security purpose but also for e-attendance record. Actually this project is under development