The information below gives you a "road map" of the work that lies ahead for your collaborative Professional Learning Community/Collaborative Learning Teams  (PLC/CLTs).  It is intended that your team work through this document in sequential manner to implement the PLC/CLT structure. 

For each step, you will find compatible documentation that coordinates with each numbered step.
Many times you will be asked to download and make a copy of various documents.  Click on the arrow to the right of each document to download it to your desktop.

Note: Please see the Resources webpage (the last webpage in the sequence to the left) to begin your journey with an introductory powerpoint and compatible materials to implement the PLC structure.

Road Map to Implement Collaborative Learning Teams/
Professional Learning Communities (CLTs/PLCs)

  1. Identify Team Roles - Set up collaborative team and define team roles.
  2. Schedule Regular Meetings - Determine a schedule.
  3. Determine Norms - Set up ground rules or norms for group member engagement on every agenda template.
  4. Choose Agenda Template - Develop a schedule to meet and an agenda for organization.
  5. Identify Content for Collaboration - Examples might be data analysis, writing SMART goals, defining learning goals and "I Can" statements, creating common formative assessments, continued work on "Critical Issues for Team Consideration," identifying systems of interventions, and study of the Iowa Core Characteristics of Effective Instruction (see 5g on left panel).  
  6. Complete Reflection - Reflect on what was accomplished and how team functions.
  7. Record Collaboration - Record collaboration plan in the building professional development plan and the Iowa Core Implementation Plan.

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Please note that after you have your PLC structure in place, go to 5g for more information about individual sites for each of the Characteristics of Effective Instruction.

The following CEI sites are Keystone developed using the DE Iowa Core Moodle as a resource.

The last learning opportunity/activity for each of the modules uses the Keystone developed Technology Resources to Support the Characteristics of Effective Instruction website at https://sites.google.com/site/iowacorecei/  This URL is also referenced in the learning opportunity.