New Brighton Area School District

The Algebra 1 Keystone Exam consists of two main modules with three main assessment anchors per module.


Module 1:  Operations and Linear Equations and Inequalities

   Assessment Anchors:  1. Operations with Real Numbers and Expressions

                                        2. Linear Equations

                                        3. Linear Inequalities


Module 2:  Linear Functions and Data Organizations

   Assessment Anchors:  1. Functions

                                        2 .Coordinate Geometry

                                        3. Data Analysis


Algebra 1 Keystone Exam State Website with Assessment Anchors and Eligible Content with Sample Questions and Glossary


 Active Review Documents: Simply click on the Bold Italicized document below and print.


I)  Practice Keystone Exam:    PRACTICE TEST

                                                      ANSWER KEY


II)  Algebra Review -- By Topic:  PDF form -- the answers are at the end of each document.


     #1   Real Number System

     #2   Properties of Real Numbers

     #3   Algebraic Expressions

     #4  Equations

     #5   Absolute Values &Inequalities

     #6   Relations & Functions

     #7   Graphing I:  Points & Lines

     #8   Graphing II: Absolute Values& Inequalities

     #9   Systems of Equations

     #10 Word Problems & Applications


III)  Accumulative Algebra Review -- Mixed Content:  These reviews are in PowerPoint format.  If you do not have the PowerPoint software, you can download the VIEWER only at


    Review Part 1

     Review Part 2

     Review Part 3

    Review Part 4

    Review Part 5


IV)  Where and When to find HELP.