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Missions:  Keys Ministries exists to channel resources to national Christian believers in Eastern Europe and Asia to facilitate making disciples of Jesus Christ to the glory of God.


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“Unlocking Doors for Training Nationals as Shepherds.” 

-Jeremiah 3:15


















Welcome to Keys Ministries Website!

At the time when the Soviet Union held an iron fist over Eastern Europe, Central Asia and its own Russian people, we in the West were severely limited in being able to minister to our brothers and sisters held behind the "Iron Curtain."  We prayed for God to help them, but had very little knowledge of their day-to-day situation.  Now that we can work together, a great and effectual door has been opened to us.  In 1998, Dr. Joseph Tson from Romania requested Keys Ministries to consider partnering with The College of Theology and Education (CTE) in Chisinau, Moldova to provide biblical training for our brothers in the former Soviet Union.  This new school was already ministering in Moldova and Joseph envisioned CTE providing theological training for students from other areas as well, where such opportunity was not available.  The church in Moldova had the people and the place that could be expanded if we in the West were willing to provide funding and specialized resources to develop the vision. 

During our first visit to CTE, Palmer & Joan Long, Sam Selcher and my wife, Jan, and I were all very impressed with the potential for this vital ministry.  I remember as we presented this to the full Keys Ministries Board how excited I was, referring to this as "a golden opportunity in missions."  Thanks to Keys Ministries and the many who faithfully give and serve to support the ministry of CTE, the original vision continues to expand and fulfill the goal of training shepherds for the flock of God.  The partnership between Keys Ministries and CTE is a golden opportunity for working together to facilitate the work of Christ to build His church from every tribe, tongue, people and nation.

We also partner with Cristi Tepes of Romania and Jozef Gabor in Austria and Slovakia.

More recently, Keys Ministries partnered with Banjara Tribal Ministries (BTM) to channel resources to reach the 32 million low-caste Banjara people of India.  These destitute and hopeless Banjaras are now hearing the gospel in their own language.  Many are responding to the call of Christ, leaders are being trained and churches are being established.  Christopher Boda, Founder and Director of BTM, was "born in the mud," came to know Jesus as an orphan boy and now he and his wife, Rambai, are committed to making Jesus known to their fellow Banjaras and ministering to their needs for His glory.

As the Board and Staff of Keys Ministries, we are both awed and overwhelmed in helping to provide funding for these vital ministries.  We are excited and scared at the same time.  However, we serve a faithful God who supplies according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

THANK YOU to our faithful co-laborers; may we each continue to serve and give as God prospers us.  To you who have not yet joined our team, will you prayerfully consider trusting God to have a part in Keys Ministries?  Jesus provided the suffering and sacrifice to purchase our salvation.  We, His followers, also suffer and sacrifice so that the Good News of redemption is proclaimed to those yet without Christ.

God bless you,

Charlie Zeager, Treasurer and Acting Executive Director