Lock When Gone


Workstation Receiver 1.1: Download
Phone Beacon 1.3 Free: Get it on Google Play
Phone Beacon 1.3 Paid: Get it on Google Play

What's this application can do:

Perform PC workstation locking when:
  • Your phone is out of range of WiFi router
  • Or you turn off WiFi on your phone
  • Or you turn off beacon service on your phone

Main requirements:

  1. Android phone with WiFi hadware and with Lock When Gone beacon service installed.
  2. PC workstation with Microsoft Windows(tm) and Lock When Gone receiver installed. Supported OS vesrion is XP SP2 and higher.
  3. Workstation and your phone should be connected by WiFi router and be into the one IP network.

How it works:

  1. Beacon service (on your phone) regularly send UDP broadcast packet in IP nework.
  2. Receiver on your PC workstation detects this packets and monitors beacon's state.
  3. When beacon will change state from 'In Range' to 'Out of Range', then PC workstation will locked.

How to start:

  1. Download and install Lock When Gone beacon on your phone from Google Play Market.
  2. Download and install Lock When Gone reciever to your workstation.
  3. Start beacon on your phone:
  4. Start receiver on your workstation. Please note, receiver will start into the tray:
  5. Left-click on tray icon and ensure that your phone have 'In Range' status:
  6. That's all! Now, if you turn off the beacon service on your phone or out of WiFi station range, your workstation will be locked.