In our TopResume review, we will discuss the services that the website provides. First, let’s find out what Top Resume is? Well, according to the website, this company offers career advice, resume services and tips on how to become a successful person in your career.

First Glance Review

Upon first entering the website, you will see the menu and you will also have the possibility to test your resume by getting it through what is called a “6-Second Test”. This will let you know if your CV passes the test or not. The problem with that is that you have to log in, giving your credentials, so it is a good strategy to get you hooked up into the website. However, this service is quite useful and attractive for most users. Top Resume also provides you with various articles with tips on how to become a better career person. So, upon first glance, Top Resume seems to be a good resume writing service that you can give a try. But how good is it actually? Review – The Prices and Customer Service

We already mentioned how this company claims it can fix all of your problems when it comes to building your resume. Apart from writing your resume, Top Resume gives you pieces of advice on how to improve your own resume. So, they appear to know what they are doing. The Top Resume writing services look like this:

·         Professional Growth, which is a resume that can seemingly get you past any filters, and for which you have to pay $129 (or 3 payments on $49).

·         A Career Evolution pack that includes a resume, two revisions and a cover letter for $189 (or you can opt for 2 payments of $99).

·         An Executive Priority pack which is designed for the proven leaders, and for which you pay $349 (or 4 payments of $99). This pack includes LinkedIn profile creation and a 48-hour delivery.

The downside of these resume writing services prices is that they do not include any discounts for your product. The only thing that it claims it does is that if you’re not happy with your result, you can get your money back and keep your resume for free. It guarantees twice the number of job interviews in 60 days, and if this doesn’t happen, all their services are free. So this is plus for Top Resume writing services.

Top Resume claims to provide the best technical resume writing services so that it can pass through any screening technologies, bypassing all systems so you can get to the top. They also claim to provide the best resume help so that you can advance in your career.


Customer’s Claims of the Top Resume Writing Services

While many people from the Top Resume website claim that the services provided are of high quality and that this is one of the best resume writing companies, many people on the social media claim that they had unhappy incidents with this company. It is true that while they can provide real good resumes to clients, there is also a margin of error that can occur when turning in your CV. This type of error might lead to you not getting any job interviews. The “free services” policy appeared there most likely because many clients complained about the services and Top Resume wanted them to feel safe. But instead, it only made users feel uneasy about how serious the company is and be afraid that they might lose money if they tried their luck with them. So, while one can be confident about this website’s services, this review advises you that it is also a good idea to pay close attention to what you are purchasing.

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