In our ResumeEdge review we try to analyze all the pros and cons of the Resume Edge website. At a first glance, it seems like a simple website whose aim is to write quality resumes so that you can quickly get hired at your desired workplace. From the moment you land onto the Resumeedge website, you will see the face of a successful looking man in a suit next to the slogan “You’re hired.” This is something that might attract the attention of everyone planning to ask for a professional CV review.

So, upon reading the first part of the website, one can believe that is a good choice when faced with the urgency of having your resume done. It seems to be user-friendly and structured in a simple manner to guide the client towards their desired type of CV. In this Resume Edge review, we will be analyzing exactly how their services look to a keen eye.

ResumeEdge Review – The Price Categories

ResumeEdge seems to do CVs for any kind of clients, stating on their first page that they have three categories of customers, which are:

·         Entry: Students or those who have barely started out professionally (0-2 years in the workforce)

·         Professionals: Military or IT (2 years or more in the workforce)

·         Executive: VPs, Directors and C-level executives

For every category of people asking for a professional resume service on ResumeEdge, there is a different set of prices that go up the moment the rank increases. For example, if you are a student, and you want your resume done on resume, you can opt for the Entry writing option that will cost you $119. This package can also contain a bundle of other services, which are Social Profile, Cover Letter and Time adding (which means you get your resume in two days). If you add these to your resume, you can save 20$ on the services as opposed to asking for them separately.

These same services can be offered for professional and Executive levels. The only difference is that if you desire a professional resume, you need to pay up to $249 and if you are an executive, you must pay $399. Quite the price once you go up in rank, isn’t it? Even though you get discounts for bundle orders, we still believe that these prices are pretty high as compared to other websites. Also, the discount is merely distinguishable, only disguising how high these prices are.

ResumeEdge Review – The Customer Support

This website comes with 3 service categories: resume writing, social profiles and cover letters. The main disadvantage about resume is that you cannot find any refund policies on the website, which means that if you are unhappy with the result, you can’t change anything about it or get your money back. That is a huge drawback, taking into consideration that most companies offer this service nowadays.

From the home page of the website, you notice how claims 98% of their clients are satisfied? Why not 100%? This proves that there are indeed flaws in their organization, even though they claim only to focus on “experience, quality and results.” There is a page with their frequently asked questions and a means to contact the professional resume writers, so their resume consulting services may seem appropriate for their marketing. Nonetheless, clients have been said to try to contact their writers and failed. The website looks smart, but it can prove to be troublesome on the way. This ResumeEdge review advises you to look up for more affordable options before you apply for a resumeedge service.

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