About me

I was born in October 18th, 1984. My hometown is Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China. After I obtained my B.S. degree in Sichuan University, I came to the US in 2007 to pursue a Ph.D degree in Texas A&M University. I obtained my Ph.D degree in August, 2012 and I became a Dickson instructor in the Department of Mathematics, The University of Chicago. I am currently a postdoctoral scholar supervised by Lek-Heng Lim in Computational and Applied Mathematics Initiative, The University of Chicago. My research interest is the applications of Algebraic Geometry, Differential Geometry and Representation theory to various fields such as Linear/Multilinear Algebra, Statistics, Computer Science and Engineering. 

You can reach me at:
1. kennyyeke@gmail.com
2. kye@galton.uchicago.edu
3. keyk@uchicago.edu

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