Multimedia and Publishing


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Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship Review

posted Aug 31, 2012, 9:13 AM by Emily Demmert

Using the link below, you will show me how much you remember from our unit on Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship last year! When you've completed the assignment, please snip your results, save them into your home drive, and email them as an attachment to me!

Welcome to Multimedia and Publishing - 7th Grade

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Most importantly, make sure that you come into class with a Gmail account! If you forgot your Gmail from last year, make a new one ASAP!

In this semester-long class, students will focus on how to use digital media to communicate, collaborate, and create.  We will also be covering copyright concerns.

Students will review the basics from Intro to Technology (excluding keyboarding). Students will author media using a variety of devices. Students will learn applications used for podcasting, picture and video editing, and will publish their work to iTunes and YouTube.  Students will have the opportunity to produce podcasts which will be broadcast over local radio. Students will also produce media for ASTE’s (Alaska State Society for Technology in Education) iDidacontest.

Some of the applications that students will be using are as follows:
  1. Microsoft Office, particularly Publisher
  2. Google Docs
  3. Audacity for podcasting
  4. Picasa Web Albums, Picnik
  5. Windows Live Movie Maker
  6. Paint.NET

To listen to podcasts from previous years’ classes, check out the iTunes podcast called “bmstechnology,” or scan or click on the following QR code.


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Students will use the following template to storyboard their Sitka Riches movie.

Two Column Storyboard

Screen Education

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Students are still finishing up their podcasts, but we also need to get started on our film production unit.  Below are the terms students need to learn before they start filming.

Watch this video to learn about how to use Windows Movie Maker Live.

Take this Quiz
after watching the video on the right.

Windows Live Movie Maker Training
If you need more information about Windows Live Movie Maker, watch any of the following tutorials by logging into Atomic Learning and clicking on a link below.

A. Getting Started
B. Capturing and Importing
C. Working with Projects
D. Working with Clips
E. Applying Visual Effects
F. Applying Transitions
G. Adding Titles and Credits
H. Working with Audio
I. Saving and Exporting

Podcasting Unit

posted Apr 22, 2012, 9:21 PM by Emily Demmert   [ updated Apr 23, 2012, 1:11 PM ]

Students have learned how to create audio files and will soon be producing a PSA podcast for our local radio station.  See assignment below.


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7th Graders learned a new way to present using Prezi.  See some of their creations below:

Microsoft Publisher 2010 Lessons

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For the next couple of weeks, students will be studying online tutorials (found at the tab above called Publisher 2010 Lessons) on Microsoft Office Publisher 2010.  They will then demonstrate what they have learned by producing a newsletter and another assignment of their choice in Publisher. 

Dropbox Slideshow

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Drop Box

Week 3: Digital Images and Editing

posted Feb 4, 2012, 3:01 PM by Emily Demmert   [ updated Feb 7, 2012, 10:53 AM ]

This week, we will be studying Digital Images. Students will learn some basics about photo composition. Students will take and upload pictures and learn some basic digital editing skills. The Quizlet below will help them study for the quiz at the end of the week.

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