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Larissa's Telescope

My daughter Larissa and I decided to build this telescope from some plans that we found on the internet. It is a reflector with a three inch f10 primary mirror. On our first night of viewing we were able to see Jupiter and its moons and Saturn without difficulty. It brought a smile to my face to hear Larissa say - "Daddy, you've really outdone yourself"!

The stars and moon etc. are painted with glow in the dark paint. Larissa chose the colour scheme and we spent an afternoon painting it. The finder-scope is an old .22lr rifle scope.

Looking down through the tube you can see the little mirror. We used a Hacksaw spider to hold the secondary mirror. The focuser is a helical focuser made from 1.25 inch pvc pipe.

The solar system was painted to scale as best I could. After showing it to my daughter, she pointed out that Uranus should have a ring, so one was quickly added.

Mirror cell with collimating adjustment.