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Travel Telescope

Various plans can be found on the internet to build this type of telescope.  This is the first telescope that I built for myself and is designed to be dismantled so that it can be taken camping or on vacation.  I have done this on occasion, but find it heavy and cumbersome so it stays at home.  The telescope has an eight inch (200mm) mirror with a focal length of 48 inches (1200mm) which makes it an F6.  I have an 8mm wide angle eyepiece from Burgess Optical, a 26mm Meade Series 4000 Super Plossl and a two times Barlow lens.  These give magnifications of approximately 300x, 150x, 92x and 46x. The mount is a Dobsonian Alt Azimuth design.  Most of the wood is half inch Baltic Birch as well as maple for the base and ground board and walnut for the pole connections on the upper tube assembly.  The mirror was purchased via eBay
Here is 
the telescope along with the accessories box that contains eyepieces, star wheel, binoculars and observing logs and pens.. The telescope has the light shroud attached.
The telescope, when disassembled, will fit into this carrying container.  The poles are stored in the light shroud for transportation.

This is a shot looking down past the secondary mirror holder at the primary mirror.  The finder scope is a 10x21 monocular in this picture but it has since been replaced with a Telrad Finder (well worth the investment).  The focuser is a helical focuser made from plumbing connections.  The secondary mirror support is a curved vane that will “fan out” the diffraction spikes.

Light shroud removed.  The side bearings are attached with capscrews and t-nuts.  The truss poles are one inch maple dowel and are attached with capscrews into t-nuts on the upper tube assembly and capscrews into threaded inserts in the mirror cell. The ground board is made of thick maple and three hockey pucks.