Kevin Collins, RN, guitarist


Breaking the Rift  

Myself with the unbelievable Hunter Herman on drums and his son Elliot on bass, just a segment of some unstructured improv. I think in the beginning I'm trying to cop "Zoot Allures" (Zappa) a little halfheartedly, but other than that it's a nice 4 minutes of playing. 


Clip of me soloing on standard changes. A first step in Cyber-Exposure, if you will.


From a duet with the great Matt Davis. The first half of it lives at my Soundclick page, riiiiiiight here.


Solo on another standard. Forgive the volume-glitch in the middle, and the sloppiness on either side! 

Body and Soul (part one) (part two)

Another duet w/ Matt Davis. This is us taking a normally much slower standard for a little joyride. Part one is me taking the "A"s of the head in, him taking the "B", and my solo. Part two finds us at Matt's solo, into solo sections, and finally the gripping conclusion.

Various interesting thingies and whatnots.... 



Transcriptions & Charts