Principles of Macroeconomics



The first day of class served as an introduction to the course and to the social science of economics. Course materials included:

Syllabus for Sec05 at 8am and Sec11 at 9:30am

Copies of the same syllabi formatted to the university template are available here and here

In-class work rubric

Absence Notification Form (requires Fresno State login)

Google Classroom (requires Fresno State login)

See Google Classroom for your personal copy of GE writing assignment

Slides, which are always a complement to and never a substitute for attending class

Guided notes, which are always yours to keep and meant to facilitate your note-taking

In-class activity, where you always need to be in class to do in-class activities and you should always turn them in by the end of class

First homework (requires Fresno State login), where homeworks are always due by the beginning of the next class after they're assigned


On the second day, we continued our introduction to economics and learned our first model: the Production Possibilities Frontier (PPF).


Guided notes and handout on shape of PPF

In-class activity

Second homework with a mix of review and new stuff (Fresno State login required)



On the third day, we discussed the supply-and-demand model of the market for a particular good or service.


Guided notes and handout on supply-and-demand model

In-class activity for Sec 05 at 8am and Sec 11 at 9:30am

Third homework (Fresno State login required)


On the fourth day, we discussed our first key macroeconomic variable: unemployment.


Guided notes

In-class activity

Handout on 100 dogs and 94 bones

Fourth homework (Fresno State login required)