I am a PhD candidate in the Linguistics Department, Division of Psychology and Language Sciences, at University College London. working under the supervision of Professor Andrew Nevins and Professor Stuart Rosen.

Research Interests

For my PhD project, I am investigating speech misperception in its most naturalistic form, namely slips of the ear, particularly with English and Chinese languages. I am approaching it statistically, computationally and experimentally. This project covers also a range of areas, such as corpus collection and compilation, psycholinguistics, speech segmentation, constrain models of diachrony with synchronic data and more.

I also have an interest in Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Datamining (see my work on Harnessing film subtitles) and Education (see my work on Peer-Learning with PeerWise).

I hold a BA and an MEng in Engineering at the University of Cambridge as well as an MA in Linguistics from University College London. My PhD project is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.