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PowerShell - Interesting...

posted 26 Jul 2011, 03:41 by Kevin Phair
I've been keeping an eye on PowerShell over the last few years and it's been developing into something quite interesting.

It looks like Windows will finally catch up on where the Amiga was 20 years ago with AREXX. In theory, vbScripting should have made the advent of PowerShell unnecessary but I'm not sure whether it was snobbery, mismanagement on the part of Microsoft or just a poor security model that never let it reach full potential.

Anyway, it looks like PowerShell can support asynchronous event-driven execution and there is also a GUI and script editor/debugger which should make it a bit easier to use the multitude of APIs. Maybe it's time to have another look at it, I just need to find a project that it would apply to.