Jonathan Smith - A Tribute

Arguably one of the best Specturm coders, Jonathan "Joffa" Smith passed away on June 26, 2010, after a protracted illness. This was a real sucker punch to the guts of anyone who admired his talent and work, but let it be remembered for all time that he was a righteous dude, as will be seen from the following links...
Even for those of us who didn't know him, the name "Joffa" was enough to bring a smile to the face. His trademark off-the-wall humour and technical proficiency virtually guaranteed that fun was to be had and there's no doubt that his work brought pleasure to many thousands of Spectrum users around the world. His accomplishments were an inspiration to me in my own development as a coder and I'm pretty sure that his feats of technical wizardry played no small part in the longevity of the ZX Spectrum.

Anyway, this page is a tribute of sorts to his legacy. Although there are some who might disagree, this is going to be a celebration of what he accomplished and not a criticism of his personal issues. There'll be no links to bilious rants on The Ocean Experience forums here - He deserves much better than that!



From The Ocean Experience forums

  • "Everyone has their agender. Mine was to smile - when I really wanted to run away."
  • "Paul Owen's mistake(s) was/is that he thinks Cobra was actually written, where as, in reality, it just appeared out of nowhere. I know that the scroll in Hysteria confused him - he couldn't understand how I could get so much detail in there by using the 'push/stack' display technique. Hysteria doesn't use the 'push/stack' display technique. Simple when you think about it. "
  • "One day we'll all get together again. Bring a gun."

From the World of Spectrum forums

From the Fortean Times forums

"I hate pressing on the 'SUBMIT' button! What does that mean exactly?"
"I can't justify his actions! That's not for me to comment upon (he says, commenting upon his actions)!"

Joffa on the web

Chronology (WIP)

List of all his games with links highlighting any notable features. I also plan to document some of the code he wrote, i.e. the scroll routine in Cobra, and graphics that he designed. There are others who are trying to catalogue some of his artwork and other works and in time I hope to link these in here.

Year Title Contribution ZX Spectrum Atari ST Game Boy SNES Sega Megadrive Mobile GBA Gizmondo
1984 Pud Pud in Weird World
(Music by Christine Smith)
Code, GFX, SFX x

1984 Kong Strikes Back! GFX x

1985 Hyper Sports Code, GFX, SFX x

1985 Daley Thompson's Supertest Shared Code & GFX x

1985 Street Hawk
Subscriber's Edition
Game GFX x

1986 Mikie Code, GFX, SFX x

1986 Green Beret Code, GFX, SFX x

1986 Cobra Code, GFX, SFX x

1986 Ping Pong GFX and Sound assist

1986 Terra Cresta Code, GFX, SFX x

1987 Hysteria Code, GFX, SFX x

1988 Firefly Code, GFX, SFX x

1988 Hyper Active Code, GFX, SFX x

1989 Batman: The Caped Crusader Code x

1990 Red Heat


1990 Midnight Resistance


1991 Recoil


1991 Hudson Hawk


1992 Mr Do!


1992 Spider-Man and the X-Men:
Arcade's Revenge


1994 Power Drive


2000 Airlock


2001 Apprentice AKA 'Fluffy'

2002 Ripping Friends

2003 Looney Tunes Back In Action

2004 All Star Baseball 2004

2005 Momma, Can I Mow The Lawn?

2006 ? Saucer (unfinished)

2007 ? Burger (128k - unfinished)

Miscellaneous unsorted links:
First stage in Retaliot, an MSX shoot-em-up done for a coding compo in 2009 - Guest graphics by Joffa

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Kevin Phair,
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