DOS-based programs written in assembly language, BASIC and C

These are programs that were generally written either as personal projects or small utilities to serve a need.

The BASIC programs were written using either Microsoft QuickBASIC, PDS v7 or Turbo BASIC.

The majority of the C programs were written using Turbo C

Nearly all the assembler programs were written with A86/A386 in mind, but there are the odd few that used MASM. Something I need to do is check through these and make sure that they all still assemble and then look at porting them over to NASM or AS. This is so that you won't need proprietary software to rebuild them. At the bottom of this page should be an attachment of the macro library that I built up over time for using with my A86 projects.
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SpecEm 48K ZX Spectrum emulator 31 December 1991 X86 Assembly 
PC Tracker SoundTracker/ProTracker module (.mod) editor 8 June 1992 X86 Assembly 
PDEX File extractor utility for Plus-D formatted disks (ZX Spectrum) 1 January 1992 X86 Assembly 
 Various graphic display tools (AKA rippers)  X86 Assembly 
 COM port data logger 17 June 1995 X86 Assembly 
 Graphics extension for BASIC 18 January 1992 X86 Assembly 
 Sample player for PC speaker with double-buffering 27 November 1993 X86 Assembly 
DX CD (change directory) to directory alias 16 August 1993 X86 Assembly 
COOKIE Random cookie viewer for text files 5 July 1993 X86 Assembly 
MCBTRACK Memory Chain Block (MCB) tracker to list resident programs 12 August 1993 X86 Assembly 
CRED COM port redirector  X86 Assembly 
SNOOPDIR Directory listing with file snippets 4 July 1993 X86 Assembly 
Showing 12 items
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