Kevin's Garden Of Silicon Delights

A collection of works and thoughts - GP2X, Amiga, PC, ZX Spectrum, etc.

About this site

The reason for this site is mainly to try and make a central location to keep references to all my interests. It's very much an work in progress and is nowhere near as complete or useful as I'd like it to be. Scattered around the site with varying degrees of organisation are links to favourite web sites, reviews, details on past, present and future projects and anything else that keeps my interest.

I'm trying to clear the home page of static stuff so if you're looking for the link to my Joffa Smifff tribute pages they're here.

Ongoing Projects

Spectrum++ build

Using the Harlequin board as a base this will be a 48k spectrum modified to add the following:
  • Dual AY chips for 5,1 sound.
  • Use SO-DIMMS with an 8K paging scheme (128k ports will also be processed and banks will be switched as two 8k pages to emulate 16k bank switching).
  • Display list processor
  • USB ports
  • Possibly an IDE interface, but if I can get USB mass storage working then there'll be no need for it.
  • Dual serial ports and parallel port
  • Multi-purpose GPIO interface with digital and analogue I/O
  • More...

The Spectronomicon

It has been said that the author went mad writing this and those who look upon its pages are doomed to a similar fate. I am currently translating it from the original octal into English with the aid of von Bloch's linguistic keys from Der ULA Mysteriis but it's tough going as I'm taking the precaution of reading it using a mirror so as not to look directly at the pages.