Kevin Morris
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I am an assistant professor of philosophy at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. In  addition to philosophy, I enjoy fishing.  I formerly played hockey. I have acquired three happy cats. I can be reached at kevin.michael.morris AT

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I received my PhD from Brown University in 2011. Much of my research has focused on the metaphysics of materialism ("physicalism"). My dissertation addressed two issues in this area: (1) the  debate over a priori versus a posteriori physicalism, and (2) the concept of physical realization. My conclusions, which I continue to endorse, were that (a) there are no compelling reasons to endorse a priori physicalism and (a) no concept of realization has been developed that is suitable for characterizing a position that is both physicalist and nonreductive. 

My current research and writing is focused on topics such as the following:
  • Supervenience and physicalism
  • Nonreductive physicalism and the causal exclusion problem
  • Phenomenalism, panpsychism, and neutral monism
  • Language and reality
  • Relations, monism, and unity
  • The history of analytic philosophy and its relevance to contemporary philosophy
I am faculty advisor for the Tulane Philosophy Club (here)
While at Tulane, I've taught advanced symbolic logic and courses in elementary symbolic logic, philosophy of mind, and analytic philosophy. 

My seminar topics have included: causation and properties; physicalism; language and reality; dependence and relations; phenomenalism, panpsychism, and neutral monism.