Kevin Morris
Research and personal page
January 2013
I do philosophy at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. In  addition to philosophy, I enjoy fishing  and have acquired cats as pets. I formerly played ice hockey.
Contact me at kevin.michael.morris AT
My CV.
 Most of my research has focused on the metaphysics of materialism. My dissertation addressed two issues that arise in this context: (1) the  debate over a priori versus a posteriori physicalism, and (2) the concept of physical realization. In addition to the aforementioned issues, I have recently been thinking about:
  • Skepticism about the content and significance of physicalism
  • The extent to which the concept of supervenience can be used to define physicalism
  • Defenses of nonreductive physicalism and responses to the causal exclusion problem
  • Reality 
  • Relations
In summer 2013 I participated in the NEH Metaphysics and Mind seminar at Washington University in St. Louis, MO (here).
I am faculty advisor for the Tulane Philosophy Club (here and here)
While at Tulane, I've taught seminars in metaphysics and philosophy of language, along with advanced symbolic logic and introductory courses in logic and philosophy.  In Fall 2013 I taught a historically-oriented course in Analytic Philosophy.
In Spring 2014 I am teaching an introductory course in philosophy of mind and a seminar at the intersection of philosophy of language and metaphysics.