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May 22, 2011

posted May 22, 2011, 12:55 PM by Kevin Lauriault

    I never realize how long it's been since I've posted till I come back here to post again!  Well, believe it or not, today is my one year anniversary of my kidney transplant!  I thank the Lord for one more year I didn't have to go on dialysis.  I am also praying for the family of my donor since this is a time of sorrow for them.  I found out through Lifepoint that they did accept my letter but haven't requested communication with me yet.  I went to my clinic on May 11 and everything still looks good.  They are ordering a cat scan to see how my native kidneys are doing.  The doctor said that pkd kidneys don't wither away.  I was hoping they would wither away so the cysts wouldn't keep growing and cause pain or the need for a nephrectomy.  Still, I pray that I will praise the Lord no matter what.  I will still be doing monthly labs and my next clinic appointment isn't until this November.
    I do praise the Lord that our oldest son, Matthew was checked for the CMT gene (the neuro-muscular disease that my wife Becky and second oldest son Timothy have) and he does not have it.  I also praise the Lord that He has provided to allow Matthew and Timothy to attend Bob Jones in second grade and K5 next year.  Arabella is 18 months now and cruising around and standing up by herself, but she will not walk yet.  She is taking her sweet time to take these milestones which is typical in a tube-fed baby with a VSD.  Her cardiologist said that she is doing great and the hole is not getting bigger so he doesn't need to see her till she is 4 yrs old.
Thank you for all of your prayers.

January 25, 2011

posted Jan 25, 2011, 7:45 PM by Kevin Lauriault

I received an e-mail from my transplant coordinator today which said that the lab work looked fine and to keep taking my medications at the last dosage change.  She said to get my regularly scheduled lab on February 4th.  I had thought that they would have wanted a lab sooner since we don't know what my levels are now that I have resumed taking the Prograf even though it is a lower dose.  I need to remember to trust God in everything.  I trusted God to get me the kidney and he will do what is best for me.

January 19, 2011

posted Jan 19, 2011, 7:08 PM by Kevin Lauriault

I received a call from my transplant coordinator today about my labs.  My Prograf is still high even though I have reduced my dosage from 4mg twice a day to 3mg twice a day.  She told me to stop taking Prograf for another 3 days and then lower it again to 2mg twice a day.  They are sending me for labs this Friday to check my liver since it could be causing problems and also to check my prograf level when I am not taking it.  It stays in your system for at least 3 days.  Polycystic Kidney Disease has been known to affect other organs such as the liver but my liver has never shown any signs of cysts.  We appreciate all of your prayers. 

January 12, 2011

posted Jan 11, 2011, 9:03 PM by Kevin Lauriault

    Wow, it has been a while since I posted!  I figured I should post something about what has been going on lately.  I started having some GI issues around a week before Christmas and figured it was some bad rice I had eaten.  After a week I tried calling MUSC and they told me that I should go to the ER if it was so bad couldn't leave the house but it wasn't that bad so I didn't go.  I called MUSC again on Monday after Christmas because I started getting worried about getting dehydrated but my coordinator was out of town so I went to my local doctor.  He did a blood test etc and everything looked fine.  I finally got someone to call me back on Wednesday and they told me to stop using Cellcept for 24hrs and then go to a half dose.  I was actually in Charleston that week which I kept telling them in case they wanted me to get labs there which I was hoping they would do but they didn't.  My nausea left on New Years day but my intestines still weren't right.  I had a lab for MUSC scheduled the Friday after New Years and so I called MUSC to make sure they looked at my labs the same day instead of waiting a couple days since I am not an acute patient anymore.  They called that mid-day and told me that my creatinine was elevated to 2.4 and I was dehydrated and needed to drink more.  They put me on Flagyl which is a very strong antibiotic in case something new had developed or if the tests hadn't caught something.  They said they were going to call when they got the other results from the test that take a little longer.  I just got a call yesterday (Tuesday) about my Prograf levels (which they should have had by Friday afternoon) which were very high and considered toxic.  This could also be the cause of my GI issues and causes higher creatinine levels.  They told me to stop taking Prograf until this Friday and start taking my Cellcept again.  I wish that I could have been told this on Friday.  Who knows how long I have been toxic and how much my new kidney could have been damaged by now!  I will have another lab next Tuesday to check my Prograf again.  Please pray that this will be straightened out and my kidney levels stay good.

August 18, 2010

posted Aug 18, 2010, 11:26 AM by Kevin Lauriault

    Wow! I didn't realize that I hadn't posted in so long till I looked at the last post - June 15!!!  I went to clinic today and everything is going great.  My blood pressure was high but they took it right after I sat down.  They don't need to see me for another month and I only have to do labs twice a month now!  I can stop taking the Septra and Valcyte this Saturday so that will lessen my meds by 3 pills a day that I have to take.  They also told me that I am free to use free weights again but to start out light to be safe.  I don't have any restrictions at work anymore either.  I gave my thank-you card for the donor family to the coordinator today.  I hope the family wants to meet me but you never know.  We have gained but they have lost.
    The doctor at Shriners told us not to put Timothy's braces on over the summer so his legs muscles would build.  That was bad advice.  He had a growth spurt and now his gait is really bad.  They are having to come up with an entire leg brace for him since he hyper-extends his right knee.  He might have to wear a leg brace for the rest of his life due to this bad advice.  We are praying that he won't have to.
    Arabella has another ear infection so she is going to see the ENT this Friday and they will very likely put tubes in her ears.  She didn't respond to the first antibiotics so she is now getting a shot every day.
    Both Matthew and Timothy started school this Monday.  Matthew is doing the Bob Jones home school grade 1 DVD system and Timothy is attending the Greer First Baptist K4 program.

June15, 2010

posted Jun 16, 2010, 2:37 AM by Kevin Lauriault

    Monday at MUSC went well.  They said I didn't have to come back till the 28th and then I might be able to start going to the Greenville clinic instead of driving all the way down to Charleston.  I will still be going down there for a few things but not all the time.  We went to the market to get a wide brimmed hat since I am more susceptible to skin cancer now.  Parking was $7 but it was free for us since we have a handicapped placard.  We haven't had to pay for parking anywhere in Charleston because of this.  The hat I got was $30 but the man gave it to me for free.  I didn't hear what he said so I kept trying to pay him and he finally said "take the hat and get out of my store!".  I thanked him and got out of his store.  I have been so blessed by all the Lord has been doing for me.  Your prayers have really lifted me up before the Lord.

June 10, 2010

posted Jun 10, 2010, 4:26 PM by Kevin Lauriault

    Well I went back to work on Tuesday and it went very well.  I did have to wear my belt loose and didn't button my jeans so there wouldn't be so much pressure on my incision site.  I wasn't very behind either since I was keeping up with things with the laptop.  My second and third days went well also.  I am pretty much caught up now.  Everyone is surprised at how well and quickly I am recovering.  The only thing I can say is "Praise the Lord!"
    I went for my labs this morning and haven't received a phone call so I guess my numbers are good.  We  got there at 8am and was able to make to work by 8:30 so I should get more hours than I was originally thinking.  I can't wait for July 4th when I can drive and lift things again.  It is very humbling to have to have other people do things for you.  Your independence is shot.  Becky went out tonight to "get away" for a while.  Her hair dresser is giving her a head and shoulder massage.  My mom came over to help me.  The kids are all in bed now and hopefully it will stay that way.  

June 7, 2010

posted Jun 7, 2010, 7:16 PM by Kevin Lauriault

    Went to labs and clinic today and saw a different doctor so I was concerned that he would not let me go back to work.  He did!  One of my coworkers is picking me up and taking me to work tomorrow morning and Becky is picking me up from work.  I have been ordered not to drive until July 4th.  The Lord keeps showing me how good he is being and your prayers are definitely helping.  I will be going back to Charleston next Monday and then it may be two weeks before I have to come back.  After that I might be able to go to the Greenville clinic and that would be a real money and time saver.
    Please pray that I will be able to catch up quickly with all that has gone on with work since I have been gone.  I must go to bed so I'm ready for tomorrow!

June 6, 2010

posted Jun 6, 2010, 6:56 PM by Kevin Lauriault

    We went to church this morning for the first time since my surgery.  It was great even though we were really late.  We had planned on being late since I am supposed to avoid crowds but we forgot that it was the early service week.  We call it "agape Sunday" where the service begins at 10am instead of 10:45am and we have testimonies and the Lord's Supper.  After the service we have a potluck meal and fellowship with each other.  We won't be having the meal after the service for a while since they are renovating the fellowship hall.
    We are in Charleston for my labs and clinic tomorrow.  I am praying that the Dr gives me the go-ahead to start work this Tuesday.
    Matthew told me on the phone while we were driving down here that he pulled out another tooth.  That's pretty brave!  I remember that I didn't want to pull out my own teeth.  I always asked someone else to do it for me.  Poor Timothy doesn't understand why we have to keep leaving him once a week.  He is still doing pretty good with eating though.

June 4, 2010

posted Jun 4, 2010, 8:48 PM by Kevin Lauriault   [ updated Jun 4, 2010, 9:07 PM ]

    Went to get my bone scan done for reference since the steroids I am taking can cause bone loss after long term use.  Caroline Smith watched the boys to make things easier for us since we also planned to go to Toyota of Greer in person since they were not returning our phone calls.  The guy who was supposedly looking into getting us the certification (which will give us a warranty through the end of the year so we can cancel the extended warranty) was not working there anymore.  I don't believe he was doing anything.  I think he was stalling until he left.  The guy we talked to when we arrived today was the same guy who "sold" us the warranty even though he said he was giving it to us.  I explained this a while ago on a previous post.  This guy is not a very nice person.  He is argumentative and accusatory.  I became frustrated and said that I was going to call the BBB, Toyota Corp and Consumer Affairs.  He sent me to an office to cancel the extended warranty and I asked to see the general manager.  They sent us the general sales manager.  Finally someone who knew what they were talking about and had the power to do something.  He actually apologized for everything and got us the certification we wanted.  I have a feeling that we finally got somewhere because I threatened to call those agencies and because I mentioned that we had been unable to come by recently due to my transplant.  Either way, I praise the Lord for taking care of this for us and taking this off of my mind.  By cancelling the warranty, the maintenance program and the useless road hazard (it won't cover tires that are below a certain thread and the tires that are on it are below that thread) we took off at least a year and a half from the loan.  The loan should be paid off in 3.5 years instead of 5.
    The 250gb hard drive on the kids computer is fried.  This was our only windows computer in the house since I have Ubuntu installed on our main computer.  I copied the drive a year ago which has saved a lot from being lost but I just realized tonight while I was setting everything up again that I had our 2009 taxes on it.  I will have to check but  I don't believe I saved them anywhere else. C'est la vie when it comes to computers - if you don't backup frequently, you lose.

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