Feature-Aligned Shape Texturing

Kai Xu1,5       Daniel Cohen-Or2       Tao Ju3       Ligang Liu4       Hao Zhang1       Shizhe Zhou4       Yueshan Xiong5
1Simon Fraser University       2Tel-Aviv University        3Washington University at St. Louis       4Zhejiang University       5National University of Defense Technology

ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH Asia 2009), 28 (5)

  The essence of a 3D shape can often be well captured by its salient feature curves. In this paper, we explore the use of salient curvesin synthesizing intuitive, shape-revealing textures on surfaces. Our texture synthesis is guided by two principles: matching the direction of the texture patterns to those of the salient curves, and aligning the prominent feature lines in the texture to the salient curves exactly. We have observed that textures synthesized by these principles not only fit naturally to the surface geometry, but also visually reveal, even reinforce, the shape’s essential characteristics. We call these feature-aligned shape texturing. Our technique is fully automatic, and introduces two novel technical components in vector field-guided texture synthesis: an algorithm that orients the salient curves on a surface for constrained vector field generation, and a feature-to-feature texture optimization.


High Resolution (153.0 MB)
        Low Resolution (33.0 MB)

  Source code of feature curve orientation (MSVC++ 2005 project), as well as testing data, can be found here.

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