Kai Xu 徐凯
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School of Computer Science, National University of Defense Technology (NUDT), Changsha, China

Email: kaixu AT nudt DOT edu period cn; kxu AT cs DOT sfu period ca

I'm a PhD candidate at School of Computer Science, NUDT, under the supervision of Prof. Yueshan Xiong. From Nov. 2008 to Oct. 2010, I visited the GrUVi lab at Simon Fraser University, Canada, working with Prof. Richard (Hao) Zhang. I got my B. Eng. degree and M. Eng. degree in 2004 and 2005 respectively, both from NUDT.
My research interests are in the areas of computer graphics, especially in geometry processing. My current topics of interests include shape analysis and understanding, texture synthesis, shape deformation and mesh generation.

Dec. 15, 2010:
  [new] Attending SIGGRAPH Aisa 2010 at Seoul, Korea.
Dec. 1, 2010:
  [new] Our paper "Symmetry Hierarchy of Man-Made Objects" is conditionally accepted to Eurographics 2011.
Aug. 28, 2010:   Project page for "Style-Content Separation by Anisotropic Part Scales" is on.
Aug. 6, 2010:  
Our paper "Style-Content Separation by Anisotropic Part Scales" is conditionally accepted to SIGGRAPH Asia 2010.
Oct. 23, 2009: The source code of feature curve orientation for feature-aligned texturing paper is now available.
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Recent publications:
(See the list of selected publications and some project pages here)

Yanzhen Wang, Kai Xu, Jun Li, Hao Zhang, Ariel Shamir, Ligang Liu, Zhiquan Cheng, and Yueshan Xiong, "Symmetry Hierarchy of Man-Made Objects," Computer Graphics Forum (Special Issue of Eurographics 2011), conditionally accepted.

Kai Xu, Honghua Li, Hao Zhang,
Daniel Cohen-Or, Yueshan Xiong, and Zhiquan Cheng. "Style-Content Separation by Anisotropic Part Scales," ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH Aisa 2010), 29(5).

Kai Xu, Hao Zhang, Andrea Tagliasacchi, Ligang Liu, Guo Li, Min Meng, and Yueshan Xiong. "Partial Intrinsic Reflectional Symmetry of 3D Shapes," ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH Aisa 2009), 28(5).

Kai Xu, Daniel Cohen-Or, Tao Ju, Ligang Liu, Hao Zhang, Shizhe Zhou and Yueshan Xiong. "Feature-Aligned Shape Texturing," ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH Aisa 2009), 28(5).

Kai Xu, Hao Zhang, Daniel Cohen-Or, and Yueshan Xiong. "Dynamic Harmonic Fields for Surface Processing," Computers and Graphics Journal (Special Issue of SMI 2009), Vol. 33, pp. 391-398, 2009.

Kai Xu, Zhi-Quan Cheng, Yanzhen Wang, Yueshan Xiong, and Hao Zhang. "Quality Encoding for Tetrahedral Mesh Optimization," Computers and Graphics Journal (Special Issue of SMI 2009), Vol. 33, pp.250-261, 2009.

Grants and Copyrights:
- Software Copyrights of China:
TetOpt Software (A software for tetrahedral mesh optimization), 2008;
- China Scholarship Council (CSC) Scholarship, 2008;

- Innovation Program for Excellent Graduate Students Grants, NUDT, 2007

Professional Activities:
Paper review for International Conferences:

Eurographics 2011; Eurographics 2010;
SIGGRAPH Asia 2009; Pacific Graphics 2009; GeoWeb 2009

Paper r
eviewer of International Journals:
Computer Graphics Forum (Eurographics Association and Wiley-Blackwell);
Graphical Models (Elsevier);
The Visual Computer Journal (Springer)

Professional Memberships:
ACM SIGGRAPH student member

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