Colorful Pelican
Kevin Doyle and "John Lennon"

Slingshot Bird
      Angry Bird

John Lennon

Muffler art is the process of creating art work from discarded automotive parts. It used to be called folk art…then it was tagged occupational art…now my work is considered Outsider Art.

 Basically it’s art for art’s sake. People that create art with no formal training are considered to be Outsider Artists. All of my work is pretty simplistic in that there are no hidden meanings. If it looks like a dog it’s a dog. If it looks like a giant frog then it’s a giant frog. If you can’t figure it out…then I messed up J…I don’t mess up.


 My muffler pieces have been in a couple of movies filmed in South Florida and in one commercial. More than a dozen local television station stories as well. They have also been featured in three books…and countless newspaper articles, the most recent was in December of 2012 when my life size “John Lennon as Sgt. Pepper” caught the attention of a photographer an art show.

 I’ve been making my muffler art since 1972, all told I’ve made way over 1,000 pieces.

I’m quite a recycler for used auto parts. My largest piece was a 26 foot long caterpillar and most famous guy was “Fred the Mufflerman”. Back in 1989 poor old 7 foot tall Fred caught the attention of the D.O.T. It seems I placed Fred permanently in the ground in front of my shop and they thought he was a little too close to an adjacent highway. After a couple newspaper articles and an afternoon news broadcaster came to our rescue, Fred and I got to stand our ground …so to speak.


 Please enjoy my whimsical attempt at making you smile and appreciate the normal every day things that can be turned into art… It’s all in how you look at it……………        .kevin doyle  954-257-9684