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Non-Academic (Less Formal) Writings

In addition to publishing in academic venues, I also publish in less academic ones (like publishing articles in news magazines). Here are some of the "extracurricular" writing I've done. 

Here is a profanity-laiden (trigger warning?) book review I did for Reason Magazine of Michael Adams book In Praise of Profanity
Here's a link to some of my articles that I've publisheed with the Foundation for Economic Education. Some of my "greatest hits there are: 

"Entrepreneurship and Education: a Cato Unbound Symposium" (Cato Unbound, May 2014): Here, I participate (providing the lead article and follow-ups) in an engaging discussion regarding the pros and cons of providing education through markets rather than by political means. My discussion partners were Deborah Meier (New York University), Marcus Winters (Manhattan Institute) and Conor Williams (New America Foundation).